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Goddess Transmissions are published monthly and follow the teachings of the 13 Moon Mystery School and the 13 Moon Oracle by Ariel Spilsbury.

These transmissions are channeled to Lisa from each of the 13 Archetypal Goddesses and offered to you as a sacred gift.

Goddess Transmission from The Goddess of Compassion – February 23, 2019

Dear Sweet Child of the Light, I bow to you. I bow to your greatness. I bow to your grace. I bow to your oneness. And I bow to the joy that resides in your heart. Sweet one, do you know how cherished you are? Are you aware that without you and your presence on this planet that the planet itself would not be complete? You are unique. You are special and you are the light that shines that...


Clarion Call to All Starseeds!

I am Sion and I am calling forth All Starseeds! It is time to awaken your heart and open your Stargate to the knowing of who you are. You have been birthed in this time and place to usher in the New Earth. You have been birthed in this time and place to be a Beacon of light and to show others the Way. You must awaken now and call in your gifts bestowed...

Stargate Galaxy Transmission ~ July 2018

We are the Stargate Galaxy. We have come to offer you our teachings of love. Your planet has been polluted with fear and until you see this and recognize your part in this creation you will continue to be swallowed up and drown in this fear. Your fear is destroying your water, your land and your young people. Your fear is drying up your resources and your food supply. You fear and manipulation is killing...

Goddess Transmission from The Muse!

Come play with me and be free! Sweet child of the light! Fly with me and be free of any and all cares that keep you from taking flight!   Be with me in the joys and laughter of life! Be with me as I sing the songs of the angels and fairies and travel through life with lightness in my heart and love upon my face. Join me in all this glee! Be with me and...

Goddess Transmission from The Lady of Communion ~ Artemis

Sweet Juicy Flower waiting to burst bright, come and sit by me and hear my wisdom so you may flourish and shine. It is your time to reach up high. It is your time to stretch out wide and spread your wings after a long winter of slumber. As you open yourself up to the world how do you feel? Are you still dusting off the dirt and soil from your underground rest? It is...

Sion’s Transmission offered for the April 13 Goddess Restore.

Sweet one, I am so glad you have come. I am delighted by your presence and your ease in this space. I ask you to continue to rest as you receive this wisdom from me to you via she who scribes for me. We are all one and we are all struggling. We are all one and we are all falling. We are all one and we are all facing new challenges and new insights. And...

Kali Ma’s Transmission from the April 13 Goddess Restore

Do you fear me Dear One? Does the site of blood make you shake and quiver? Do the bones in my hands and this severed head make you want to turn away from my love for you? Come back and look at me. Look straight into my eyes and tell me who you see? Who do you see staring right back at you? Do you see yourself beloved one? Do you see yourself in my eyes Dear...

Sion Transmission from March 3, 2018

Sion is a new energy that has come to the plant to express themselves. They are heart consciousness. They are unconditional love. I am a Scribe for Sion.   Here is Sion's Transmission for you.   We are Sion.   We are love, light and heart consciousness. We are here to bring you home.   We are here to bring you home to yourself.   We have come to offer you light and to open you to self-love.     We ask you do you...

Goddess Transmission ~ The Priestess

This Goddess Transmission was received for my Goddess Restore class hosted on March 3, 2018. I offer this Transmission to you with much love and gratitude.   Here is Her Transmission for you: I am the priestess of this earth and I have come to share with you my wisdom.    I hope you will take in what I would like to share with you and I trust you will find it of use and...