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Goddess Transmissions are published monthly and follow the teachings of the 13 Moon Mystery School and the 13 Moon Oracle by Ariel Spilsbury.

These transmissions are channeled to Lisa from each of the 13 Archetypal Goddesses and offered to you as a sacred gift.

Goddess Transmission ~ August 2017

Eighth Face: The Primal Goddess I fuel. I consume.   The qualities of The Primal Goddess include: instinct, freedom, untamed, wild, passionate, gypsy, sacred initiatrix, Dionysian ecstatic priestess, vitality, kundalini, and setting proper boundaries. Her shadow qualities include: survival issues, the compromise of ones essential self, using seduction for control, rebelliousness with authority figures, disempowerment through sexual manipulation, lacking discipline, unresolved shame or guilt. Her symbols are volcanos, rivers, grapes, drums, fire, thunder, lighting,...

Goddess Transmission ~ July 2017

Seventh Face: The Goddess of Love I feel. I respond. I beautify. The qualities of The Goddess of Love are beauty, harmony, relationship, unconditional love, presence in the moment, intimacy, vulnerability, fruitful harvest, openheartedness, sensual alchemy, gratitude, invitation, self-love, ripeness, sensory adept, and sensuality. Her shadow qualities include competitiveness, jealousy, comparison, sexual manipulation, issues of distortion in body image, focus on outer rather than inner beauty, obsessive emotions, insecurity, flattery, and self-absorption....

Goddess Transmission ~ June 2017

Sixth Face: The Muse I play. I inspire. The qualities of The Muse are imagination, playfulness, creativity, inspiration, beauty, fluidity, spontaneity, wonder, magic, humor and joy, mystical perception, jubilant merrymaker, surprise and freedom of expression.  Her shadow qualities include comparison, scattered creative focus, lack of discipline, flightiness, boredom, impatience, avoidance, and a non-completion that can be seen as irresponsibility. Her symbols include honey, dawn, musical instruments, the harp, rainbows, fairies, elves, angels, flowers,...

Goddess Transmission ~ May 2017

Fifth Face: The Lady of Communion. I intend. I empower.   The qualities of the Lady of Communion are intention, spiritual warriorship, impeccability, sovereignty, authentic presence, androgyny, integrity, discipline, self-empowerment, abundant, independent, resourceful, responsible, strong, practical, capable. Her shadow qualities include issues with power/powerlessness, overzealousness, blame, unclear motivation/intention, perfectionism, over-achieving, over discipline, righteous indignation, and over protection. Her symbols include the bow and arrow, the Archer’s target, the shield, trees, unicorns, pine cone and Pegasus....

Introducing The Knowing – A Transmission – April 2017

A Transmission from The Knowing. The Knowing is a collection of energies brought together in the name of the Sacred Masculine. It is here to uphold truth and honour. It is here to offer ancient wisdom and to teach men how to honour themselves and the Sacred Feminine. The Knowing is channeled through Lisa Cipparone.   I am The Knowing. I am all aspects of the male or masculine energies. I am the coming...

Goddess Transmission ~ April 2017

Fourth Face: The Creator Destroyer I focus. I create. The qualities of Kali Ma include the power of creation and destruction, oneness, and non-duality. She is the liberation and the destroyer of illusions. She is tantra, transformation, assimilation, and creative chaos. She is a catalyst for your purification. Her shadow qualities include victim thinking and not taking responsibility for the creation of your reality. Unresolved anger, rage, self-destructiveness, attachment, jealousy and revenge are...

Goddess Transmission ~ March 2017

Third Face: The Priestess I amplify in stillness. The qualities of The Priestess include memory, devotion, silence, translating the divine, presencing beauty. She is the Keeper of the Keys, holder of the mirror and a diviner or oracle. She is the crossroads and signs, signals and your intuition. She is ceremony and she is the knowing that the inner world is more important then the outer world. Her shadow qualities include becoming to...

Goddess Transmission ~ February 2017

Second Face: The Goddess of Compassion I recognize, I seed. The qualities of the Goddess of Compassion include: compassion, mercy, unconditional love, forgiveness, adoration of the Divine and non-attachment. The shadow qualities of the Goddess of Compassion include: suffering rescuer syndrome, non-self-care, inadvertently fostering co-dependency, misperception about what compassion is, unhealed wounded child, not being able to say no, especially in an attempt to get love. Her symbols include the lotus flower and...

Painting by Pamela Matthews

Goddess Transmission ~ January 2017

First Face: The Great Mother I surrender. I receive. The qualities of the Great Mother include: emptiness, nurturance, receptivity, surrender, empty presence, renewal, adoration, offering, caring, sanctuary, embrace, inclusion, self-nurturance and mid-wife. Her shadow aspects include: self-absorption, issues of safety, neediness, addictions to avoid emptiness, abandonment, overcare-taking, co-dependency due to underlying issues of self-value, self-worth, issues with food and nourishment, issues of scarcity, limitation and "not enoughness". Her symbols include the spiral and cauldron....