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What is Nervous System RESET?

Nervous System RESET is an educational and somatic wellness model that teaches you how to work with your body to better manage the effects of stress in your life. This work helps you to cultivate a feeling of safety at a cellular level. The feeling of safety is often absent after a traumatic event; this work is about restoring that felt sense of safety. In this program you will learn how to track the sensations in your body with an awareness of what stress and safety physiology can feel like. Somatic exercises and other self care tools are introduced to help you create a customized tool box of resources that will support your nervous system to become resilient and regulated again. This educational and somatic framework is offered slowly, gently with your comfort top of mind.

Is Nervous System RESET for you?

Nervous System RESET (NSR) is for you if you feel overwhelmed, anxious, worried, frustrated or stressed. This program is also for you if you feel stuck, numb and shut down and can’t seem to step forward on the path you desire or if you can’t get off the cycle of being the pleaser.

NSR is a supportive program if you are a tired mom who feels overworked and easily activated. Maybe you find yourself yelling at your children a lot, or maybe you are avoiding your partner. This work is supportive for parents who are trying to manage work and family life and find themselves getting angry or triggered at the smallest thing. Maybe you are on the busy treadmill and you’re constantly hustling and you need some self care tools to help you slow down and regulate your nervous system. NSR is also wonderful for new moms and moms who have experienced birth trauma.

NSR will help regulate your nervous system and overtime resolve trauma. Whether you have experienced a shock trauma, innocent trauma like a car accident or a medical procedure, or something else, this work can help you feel safe again. It is foundational work that is both empowering and transformative.

NSR can be a transformational program if you are moving through peri-menopause and menopause or any major life change whether that is a divorce, or a career change.

This work is offered slowly. We take our time together and build trust. You build trust in me, this work and the process. If this work feels like a good fit for you, please reach out to me so you can begin to transform your life.

Next Step?

Would you like to Feel Safe in your Body at a Cellular Level?

Would you like to Connect with the Sensations in your Body and Understand what they Mean?

Would you like your Own Set of Resources to Help you Settle and Regulate your Nervous System? 

Would you like to Feel Empowered to Step Fully into your Life?

Would you like to stop yelling at your kids, avoiding your to do list, pleasing everyone else but yourself and stop hustling so much?

Would you like to live a more pleasurable, playful, open and curious life?

Then Contact Lisa to Learn More about Nervous System RESET or to Schedule in your First Session Today.

Training & Other Offerings

Yoga Nidra is conscious deep sleep. It is a potent meditation practice.  If you are interested in teaching Trauma Informed Yoga Nidra, please contact me about upcoming trainings.

I offer energy healing and channeled readings including Akashic Record Readings. Please contact me to schedule your healing or reading.