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Lisa Cipparone


Lisa Cipparone

I am a Nervous System RESET Practitioner (Qualifying) and a Trauma Informed Coach specializing in Nervous System Regulation. I help people have a better understanding and relationship with their nervous system so they feel more comfortable and at ease in their own body.

I work with clients one on one and in group settings. I teach clients how to track sensation and together we determine which somatic exercises, sensory explorations and neural exercises support their nervous system and bring them closer to a feeling of safety. Overtime this will repattern their nervous system, help them build capacity and resilience enabling them to feel more empowered. This will then transform their lives as it did mine.

I am also a Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher & Trainer, a Reiki Master and Teacher, a Channel of Spirit. I have been teaching yoga for 21 years and I am a 500 HR Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance (RYT) and a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP). I was also Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner for 15 years.

I have also studied: Akashic Record Reading, the Rising Star Healing System, Prema Birthing, BEAM™ Therapy, and Emotional Freedom Technique, Traditional Thai Massage, Ayurvedic Thai Therapy and Thai Reflexology, and Brandon Bay’s The Journey Method.

To schedule a NSR session, reading or healing, please contact me at lisa@lisacipparone.ca or call 416-690-8772.

All treatments are offered via online via Zoom or via distance healing.