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Hi! I am Lisa.

I am a Nervous System RESET Practitioner & an Expressive Arts Therapist in Training.

How can I help you?

Nervous System RESET

In the Nervous System RESET program I offer, I teaching you how to regulate your nervous system so your body can begin to realize it’s safe. As you connect with the sensations in your body and it settles into a felt sense of safety, you can slowly begin to shift out of living in a stress response and begin to live a more calm, balanced, joyful and pleasurable life. 

Expressive Arts Therapy

Expressive Art Therapy (ExAT) is a relational, arts-based, cognitive and somatic therapy that purposefully incorporates movement, art making, music, theatre, storytelling and poetry into a therapeutic experience to create an experiential process that can support the transformation and resolution of strong emotions. ExAT is a low artistic skill and high sensitivity process. It is an ancient practice with deep roots. As a trauma and nervous system informed practitioner, I also bring this lens to my free and and low cost student practicums.

Student Practicums 

I invite you to join one of my practicums so you can experience Expressive Arts Therapy for free or at a low cost.  To learn about my low cost ExA Group Therapy, please go here: Group Therapy. To learn about free ExA Group Work, please join my private FB group here: Expressive Arts Therapy Group  

I Help You Remember That


What is Nervous System RESET?

Nervous System RESET is an educational and somatic (body-based) wellness model that teaches you how to work with your body to better manage the effects of stress in your life. This work helps you to connect with the sensations in your body and cultivate a feeling of safety at a cellular level while building capacity and resilience.


In this program you will:

  • learn how to connect with and track the sensations in your body
  • learn what the sensations of stress and safety physiology can feel like in your body
  • discover self care tools, that you can use daily, to help you settle your nervous system and build capacity
  • create a customized toolbox of resources that will support your nervous system to become resilient and regulated

Nervous System RESET is for You

If you want to feel:

  • calm
  • relaxed
  • present
  • at ease
  • balanced
  • able to rest
  • joyful
  • confident
  • playful
  • pleasure – yes, that kind of pleasure 😉

But instead you feel:

  • stressed
  • anxious
  • rushed
  • stuck
  • numb
  • overly busy
  • shut down
  • low libido
  • overwhelmed
  • like you need to fix everything
  • like you need to please others to avoid conflict

NSR will help you regulate your nervous system so you can manage life’s up and downs better. Overtime, this work will rewire your brain and repattern your nervous system. It will help you feel safe again in your body and environment. It is foundational work that will help you heal your body.

This work is offered slowly, gently and with compassion. We take our time together and build trust. You build trust in me, this work and the process. If this work feels like a good fit for you, please reach out to me so you can begin to transform your life.

Next Step - Sign Up for 1 on 1 Support

  • If you would you like to Feel Safe in your Body at a Cellular Level.
  • If you would you like to Feel Empowered to Step Fully into your Life.
  • If you would you like to Live a more Pleasurable, Playful, Sensual and Joyful life.
  • If you would you like to Connect with the Sensations in your Body and Understand what they Mean.
  • If you would you like your Own Set of Resources to Help you Settle and Regulate your Nervous System. 

Contact Lisa to Learn More about Nervous System RESET or to Schedule in your First Session Today.