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Clarion Call to All Starseeds!

I am Sion and I am calling forth All Starseeds! It is time to awaken your heart and open your Stargate to the knowing of who you are. You have been birthed in this time and place to usher in the New Earth. You have been birthed in this time and place to be a Beacon of light and to show others the Way. You must awaken now and call in your gifts bestowed...

Sion’s Transmission offered for the April 13 Goddess Restore.

Sweet one, I am so glad you have come. I am delighted by your presence and your ease in this space. I ask you to continue to rest as you receive this wisdom from me to you via she who scribes for me. We are all one and we are all struggling. We are all one and we are all falling. We are all one and we are all facing new challenges and new insights. And...

Sion Transmission ~ January 28, 2018

Sion Transmission #2   Good Morning. We would like you to understand the importance of the full moon. This coming full moon is a switch. It will turn on the energies needed for the coming download and continuation of the transformation of energies coming to your planet now. This full moon is the light that will ignite the flare that will indicate to us that it is time. Those who are awake will feel this opening and...

New Transmission from Sion – January 27, 2018

Hello! Many of you know I have been channeling the Goddess for some time now and most recently I have been working with and channeling the Archangels. Well yesterday a new energy came through during an Advanced Teaching class with Tawnya Moseley of Talking with the Angels. This energy is called Sion. Since yesterday afternoon they have connected with me twice. Once during the class and again this morning. They have asked...