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Sion Transmission from March 3, 2018

Sion is a new energy that has come to the plant to express themselves. They are heart consciousness. They are unconditional love. I am a Scribe for Sion.   Here is Sion's Transmission for you.   We are Sion.   We are love, light and heart consciousness. We are here to bring you home.   We are here to bring you home to yourself.   We have come to offer you light and to open you to self-love.     We ask you do you...

Painting by Pamela Matthews

Goddess Transmission ~ January 2017

First Face: The Great Mother I surrender. I receive. The qualities of the Great Mother include: emptiness, nurturance, receptivity, surrender, empty presence, renewal, adoration, offering, caring, sanctuary, embrace, inclusion, self-nurturance and mid-wife. Her shadow aspects include: self-absorption, issues of safety, neediness, addictions to avoid emptiness, abandonment, overcare-taking, co-dependency due to underlying issues of self-value, self-worth, issues with food and nourishment, issues of scarcity, limitation and "not enoughness". Her symbols include the spiral and cauldron....