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Goddess Transmission ~ December 2017 #2

The Thirteenth Face of the Goddess: The Alchemical Goddess of Ecstasy I am freedom. I am grace. I am union. The light qualities of The Alchemical Goddess include: wholeness, constant change, union, transcendence, ecstasy, unconditional love, empty presence, spiritual surrender, feasting, grace, alchemcial marriage, solar androgyny, cosmic consciousness, magicianship, triumph, glory, fluidity, manifestation and star lineage. The shadow qualities are expectation, struggle, moving against the flow, resistance and fixity. Her symbols include rainbows,...

Goddess Transmission ~ December 2017

The Twelfth Face of the Goddess: The Queen of Death I release. I trust.   The positive qualities of the Queen of Death include non-resistance, peace, dissolution of ego, death and rebirth, journey into the Void/Underworld, shamanic death, fallowness, authenticity, entering the unknown, releasing completion, letting go. Her shadow qualities include: self-destructiveness, self-sabotage, depression, sadness, oversubjectivity, resistance, stagnation, fear, denial, lack of trust, betrayal, in-authenticity, feeling lazy, and unproductive, hopelessness, issues of control, fear...

Goddess Transmission ~ November 2017

The Eleventh Face of the Goddess: The Weaver Dreamer I dream. I connect.   The positive qualities of the Weaver Dreamer include: synthesis, conscious dreamer, synchronicity, connector, networker, storyteller, bard, myth maker, seer, weaver, keeper of timelessness, overview, non-linearity, non-causality, visionary, affinity, star-kindred, being fully received, symbolist, clue-tracker, surety, quiet knowing. Her shadow qualities include: disconnectedness, no boundaries, spacey, ungrounded, exaggeration, gossip, myth maker who blurs reality with stretching the truth to non-integrity, misusing...

Goddess Transmission ~ September 2017

Ninth Face of The Goddess: The Initiator I align. I challenge. I clarify.   The qualities of The Initiator include empowerment, coherence, challenger, catalyzer, truth, power, authenticity, clarity, discrimination, radical change, quantum leap, risk, breakthrough, collective avatar, innovator and iconoclast. Her shadow qualities include, self-importance, judgement, trying to control with the mind, blame, impatience, the need for recognition, power, control in the ego, addictions to mask and a feeling of separation from Source. Her...

Goddess Transmission ~ August 2017

Eighth Face: The Primal Goddess I fuel. I consume.   The qualities of The Primal Goddess include: instinct, freedom, untamed, wild, passionate, gypsy, sacred initiatrix, Dionysian ecstatic priestess, vitality, kundalini, and setting proper boundaries. Her shadow qualities include: survival issues, the compromise of ones essential self, using seduction for control, rebelliousness with authority figures, disempowerment through sexual manipulation, lacking discipline, unresolved shame or guilt. Her symbols are volcanos, rivers, grapes, drums, fire, thunder, lighting,...

Goddess Transmission ~ July 2017

Seventh Face: The Goddess of Love I feel. I respond. I beautify. The qualities of The Goddess of Love are beauty, harmony, relationship, unconditional love, presence in the moment, intimacy, vulnerability, fruitful harvest, openheartedness, sensual alchemy, gratitude, invitation, self-love, ripeness, sensory adept, and sensuality. Her shadow qualities include competitiveness, jealousy, comparison, sexual manipulation, issues of distortion in body image, focus on outer rather than inner beauty, obsessive emotions, insecurity, flattery, and self-absorption....