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Lisa Cipparone & The Healing Temple

Yoga means union. It is the union of mind, body and spirit. Yoga opens you to connect with your inner spirit; a spirit that is divine. See our class descriptions

Energy Healing is a holistic and complementary form of Energy Medicine to assist in balancing and enhancing one’s energy field to achieve optimal health. Find out more

Readings are channeled messages from your Higher Self, Source, Angels, your Spirit Guides or Goddesses that have been assigned to walk with you in this life. What we offer

Upcoming Events & Workshops

My events and workshops include my signature Goddess Restore & Goddess Circles, Healings and Readings, the Starseed Connection and Reiki and Yoga Nidra Trainings.

Heart Stargate Healing & Activation

Please join Jodie Baker and I for another Heart Startgate Gathering on TBA in Guelph. Receive a HS Healing and Reading as we gather in circle to learn more about this New Earth healing modality. Please register at: info@heartstargate.ca. This is a free event.

For more information or to sign up please contact me at: lisa@lisacipparone.ca.

Coming Soon – Goddess Circle Facilitators Training. Kindly contact me to register: Lisa@LisaCipparone.ca

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For more information or to sign up please contact me at: lisa@lisacipparone.ca.

My next Yoga Nidra Teacher Training will be on April 4 & 5 in Dundas at Dundas Yoga & Fitness and then again on May 2 & 3 via Zoom!. Please go here for more details: http://lisacipparone.ca/yoga-teacher-training/

Please email for details. lisa@lisacipparone.ca

Breathe & Expand!

Goddess Restore & Goddess Circle
Goddess Ritual | Soul Dancing | Soma Yoga | Restorative Yoga | Reiki | Thai Massage | Aromatherapy | Reflexology | Yoga Nidra | Bliss

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