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Rising Star Healing

Rising Star Healing

The Rising Star Healing System, which was developed by Derek O’Neill, is an extraordinarily powerful healing system sourced from ancient Tibetan lineages. It raises the vibration of the aura (human energy field) to hold more life force energy, so it can rebalance dis-ease in the body. Energy fields operate inside our bodies (chakra system) and outside our bodies (auric system). When our energetic vibration decreases, dis-ease can occur on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Energy therapies return higher frequencies to the human energetic system to promote wellness.

A Rising Star brings healing to all levels, addressing both the symptoms and the cause of the dis-ease thus making it an extraordinarily comprehensive and effective system of treatment. A Rising Star Healing works by directing energy from Source (Universe) to the Source within the client through the chakra system.


The healing works on the five elements; fire, water, air, earth and ether, raising the vibration of the energy fields so that your entire being can start to balance and heal. As everything is made of energy, you may also notice that when you change, so do family and friends around you.

The energy of a Rising Star Healing continues to work after the session to clear the chakra and auric system for 21 days, moving through the 7 energy points (chakras) three times. As such, 3 weeks between sessions is best. For optimal results, three sessions are recommended. Each session promotes deeper relaxation, allowing the mind to let go, so deeper issues can be addressed.

This is the symbol of the Rising Star Healing system. It can be worn and used as a protective talisman.


With a Rising Star healing I also offer a Chakra Reading at no extra charge.


$200 for 1 session – 1 hour in person or distant.

SPECIAL OFFER: When you commit to 3 session, receive your third session for free. ($133/session)

$222 for 1.5 – 2 hours with Spiritual Coaching

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