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Heart Stargate Healing & Activation

Heart Stargate Healing & Activation

Your heart centre or Stargate is a portal to Source, unconditional love and your Home frequency. A Heart Stargate Healing and Activation opens this portal and clears away any blockages that may be interfering with your ability to receive and feel from this centre. Each HSHA treatment elevates you closer to remembering who you truly are and why you are here. It is an opening to your purpose. A HSHA connects your heart womb to the heart womb of creation so you too can become the creator. A HSHA is channeled directly from Source/Spirit/God.

3 treatments are suggested, spaced 21 days apart. These are needed for the energy to process through all the energy bodies, the chakra system and to allow your body time to fully integrate this clearing, healing and activation. In the first session your central channel is cleared of debris and blockages. In the second treatment, you are attuned to the Golden Light energies that are now permeating the earth. In your third treatment, you come into alignment with your true mission and purpose and you activate your calling. These healings will activate your DNA and your crystalline development and prepare your current 3D body for ascension.

Each healing is powerful. Much rest and plenty of water will be needed after each session. Each treatment comes with a full body reading.


$200 for 1 session – 1 hour in person or distant.

SPECIAL OFFER: When you commit to 3 session, receive your third session for free. ($133/session)

$222 for 1.5 – 2 hours with Spiritual Coaching

Payment Methods:

Cash | E-Transfer to Lisa@LisaCipparone.ca | Cheque | PayPal: https://paypal.me/LisaCipparone