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Goddess Transmission ~ Quan Yin

Goddess Transmission ~ Quan Yin

Dear one,

Thank you for gathering in this space today.

I am honoured and blessed by your presence.

Your beauty fills my heart with joy and lights each star in the sky on fire.

Do you know how beautiful you are my star child?

Do you know how radiantly your light shines?

Can you see how bright you glow and how much joy you have to offer this world.

Look blessed child.

Look at your beauty.

Look and see all the love in your heart bursting to be released.

Do not hold back your love any longer.

Do not hold back your joy any longer.

Do not hold back your tears any longer.

Give your tears to me dear one so you may clear your heart of all sorrow, so only unconditional love remains.

Give me your sadness to hold and give me your pain.

Please allow me to hold you as you cry and shed the heartbreak from your being.

Breathe in to your pain sweet child of the stars and let love take its place.

Let unconditional love fill your heart and let all your pain, your sadness and your grief release and melt away.

Let it all release and melt away in my love.

Let my love for you replace and fill you up.

Let my unconditional love for you be all that you need.

Do you feel me?

Do you feel me living in your heart beloved soul?

I am here with you.

I am surrounding you in the deepest love this world can offer you.

My love for you has no end and no beginning.

My love for you has no time.

My love for you is boundless and surpasses all time, space, dimensions and reality.

My love for you is beyond measure.

Breathe me in dear one as I hold you close and know I live in your heart now and always.

Know I am yours

You are mine.

We are one in the same.

And my love for your is boundless.

Quan Yin,

Goddess of Compassion