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Sion Transmission ~ January 28, 2018

Sion Transmission ~ January 28, 2018

Sion Transmission #2


Good Morning.

We would like you to understand the importance of the full moon.

This coming full moon is a switch.

It will turn on the energies needed for the coming download and continuation of the transformation of energies coming to your planet now.

This full moon is the light that will ignite the flare that will indicate to us that it is time.

Those who are awake will feel this opening and be filled with this new download of information.

This information will transfer to the cells and begin to transform the body and its ability to hold more light and love and heal at a faster rate.

This light will begin to heal the waters of the planet and transform your seas.

This light will nourish your Mother Earth and begin to heal her wounds, the wounds created by your people’s greed and shortsightedness.

This light may also allow those who want to leave this plant to go.

This full moon is a powerful one and this full moon is showing you that it is time.

For those who are ready please open your heart and breathe in the light.

With deep love,