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Heart Stargate Healing & Activation Events

Goddess Restore & Circle with Heart Stargate Healing

Join me in this Goddess Restore & Circle in honour of the Great Mother. We will gather in circle to receive a channeled message from Gaia. Once received we will perform a Goddess Rinse with Shake Medicine to release that which is no longer serving our highest good.

Once cleansed we will rest in the practice of Restorative Yoga. Restorative Yoga is all about resting, undoing and unwinding. It is the practice of supported surrender. During this rest filled practice I will offer Heart Stargate Healing with a reading.

Heart Stargate is the healing energy of God and as the wayshower of this new healing modality I am honoured to introduce it to you.

To deepen your rest you will be guided through a meditation practice called Yoga Nidra after our restorative practice.

Exchange is: $45 before Jan 13 and $50 after. Payment can received via e-transfer to Lisa@LisaCipparone.ca

Space is limited to 12.

Healings & Readings in Guelph

Join us in a private home in Guelph for an afternoon of Healings and Readings. During this private event I will be offering Rising Star Healings and Heart Stargate Healings with Readings at a discounted rate.

Both of these healing modalities are transformational and offer the client insight into what is holding them back from their soul’s purpose and offers an opportunity to clear these blocks and move forward on their path.

These Healings and Readings will support your spiritual development and your ascension.

Space is limited to 4 participants.

Please contact me for details: Lisa@LisaCipparone.ca

Healings & Readings in Rockwood

During this exclusive opportunity for customers and friends of Rivers Edge Gifts in Rockwood, Lisa will be offering 45 min healings with a reading. The healings you can choose from include the Rising Star Healing System and a Heart Stargate Healing and Activation.
These healings will be discounted for guests of Rivers Edge Gifts in Rockwood. Rising Star Healing with a Reading includes a full clearing, balancing and healing of the 7 major chakras and a channeled reading for each. A Heart Stargate Healing and Activation includes a fully body healing including 8 of the chakras. A full body reading is included.
To learn more about these transformational healing modalities please visit my website at: http://lisacipparone.ca/healing/
Appointments are available at: 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 and 7:00 pm.
To schedule your appointment, kindly email me at: Lisa@LisaCipparone.ca

Healings from Sound & Source 

During this bliss filled 2 hours you will be asked to settle into your favorite restorative yoga pose to receive your healing. Once settled Barbara will serenade you with her healing music. This will come in the form of crystal bowls, rain sticks, Paiste gongs, Koshi chimes and more. Lisa will then offer a 30 minute session of Yoga Nidra to send you off into another dimension.
As Barbara continues to offer her Sound Healing, Lisa will offer you energy healing in the form of Reiki and Heart Stargate Healing and Activations. Healing messages from Source will be channeled through Lisa and offered in written form during this group Healing session. A cyrstal grid will amplify this healing experience.
To register for our Healing from Sound & Source healing session, kindly email Lisa@LisaCipparone.ca and forward your $40 payment via e-transfer to the above address.