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Rising Star Healing

The Rising Star Healing System, which was developed by Derek O’Neill, is an extraordinarily powerful healing system sourced from ancient Tibetan lineages. It raises the vibration of the aura (human energy field) to hold more life force energy, so it can rebalance dis-ease in the body. Energy fields operate inside our bodies (chakra system) and outside our bodies (auric system). When our energetic vibration decreases, dis-ease can occur on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Energy therapies return higher frequencies to the human energetic system to promote wellness. A Rising Star brings healing to all levels, addressing both the symptoms and the cause of the dis-ease thus making it an extraordinarily comprehensive and effective system of treatment. A Rising Star Healing works by directing energy from Source (Universe) to the Source within the client through the chakra system.

prema-agni-symbolThe Prema Agni is the symbol of this healing system. The top of the star represents the crown chakra. The heart shape represents the heart chakra, the bottom triangle is the root chakra. The eleven strokes represent Christ Consciousness. The role of the practitioner is to facilitate pure, high vibrational energy to flow into the client. The energy knows precisely where it is needed most. The healing works on the five elements; fire, water, air, earth and ether, raising the vibration of the energy fields so that your entire being can start to balance and heal. As everything is made of energy, you may also notice that when you change, so do family and friends around you.

The energy of a Rising Star Healing continues to work after the session to clear the chakra and auric system for 21 days, moving through the 7 energy points (chakras) three times. As such, 3 weeks between sessions is best. For optimal results, three sessions are recommended. Each session promotes deeper relaxation, allowing the mind to let go, so deeper issues can be addressed.

With a Rising Star healing I also offer a Chakra Reading at no extra charge.

$133 for 1 hour in person or distant

Heart Stargate Healing & Activation

Your heart centre or Stargate is a portal to Source, unconditional love and your Home frequency. A Heart Stargate Healing and Activation opens this portal and clears away any blockages that may be interfering with your ability to receive and feel from this centre. Each HSHA treatment elevates you closer to remembering who you truly are and why you are here. It is an opening to your purpose. A HSHA connects your heart womb to the heart womb of creation so you too can become the creator. A HSHA is channeled directly from Source/Spirit/God.

3 treatments are suggested, spaced 21 days apart. These are needed for the energy to process through all the energy bodies, the chakra system and to allow your body time to fully integrate this clearing, healing and activation. In the first session your central channel is cleared of debris and blockages. In the second treatment, you are attuned to the Golden Light energies that are now permeating the earth. In your third treatment, you come into alignment with your true mission and purpose and you activate your calling. These healings will activate your DNA and your crystalline development and prepare your current 3D body for ascension.

Each healing is powerful. Much rest and plenty of water will be needed after each session.

Each treatment comes with a full body reading.

$200 for 1 hour in person or distant OR when you commit to 3 session, receive your third session for free. ($133/session)

Training and Attunements to the Heart Stargate Healing Activation New Earth Healing modality through the Starseed School of Light will be available Spring/Fall 2019.


Usui Reiki, Crystal Reiki & Reiki of the Seven Rays

reiki-symbolReiki is a form of hands on healing that originated in India dating back to the time before Christ and Buddha. Reiki was re-discovered by a Japanese Scholar and monk named Dr. Mikao Usui, hence the name Usui Reiki. Rei means spiritual consciousness, the wisdom from God or the higher self. Ki is the non physical vitality that gives life to all living things; it is energy. Many cultures understand and recognise the importance of Ki, Qi, Prana or energy and how it impacts our lives and well-being.

A Reiki Healing will channel healing energy to your body and your chakra system. This positive energy will flow through your body and clear energy blockages, release emotional blocks while reducing stress, increasing your immune system, clearing toxins, improving sleep, increasing your energy and relieving fatigue and much more. It will offer a healing on a physical, emotional and mental level. A Reiki healing can even access your Akashic Records and help heal your Karma and past life wounds.

Many feel Reiki is the highest and most profound vibration of life. Divine in origin, it allows us all to become one with all things alive in our world. Reiki is pure unconditional love and joy bringing all who experience and embrace much peace and calm. A Reiki Reading can offer much guidance and support on your healing journey and is free of charge as part of your Reiki healing.

$80 for 1 hour in person or distant

BEAM Therapy

The Bioenergetic Emotional Access Method developed by Dr. J.K. Beattie, MD, (BEAM™ Therapy) is a simple yet powerful method of releasing past unprocessed emotions and trauma along with associated toxins at a cellular level. BEAM™ is a higher-self directed internal process based on a simple chakra procedure using emotion and toxin vibrational frequencies.

Our current issues, whether emotional, psychological, physical, or spiritual are in large part the result of these unresolved, past emotional traumas, which in turn lead to dysfunctional perception, belief, and behaviour patterns, and possibly to disease. These are our “buttons” or habitual, unconscious, automatic ways of responding to the world. The problem stems from the fact that the trauma has been stored unprocessed and, over time, those dysfunctional patterns have been reinforced rather than updated (‘adultized’). This accumulation of unprocessed trauma and reinforced dysfunctional programs can be compared to layers of an onion. Embedded in these layers are the toxins which were present at the time of the trauma. The body then associates these toxins with the trauma, sees them as detrimental to its self, and continues to react to them in a dysfunctional way. With BEAM™ Therapy, however, each layer is gently removed and the overall effect of the trauma, patterns or toxins in one’s daily life become progressively weaker and life becomes progressively more wonderful!

The power of BEAM™ Therapy is that under the guidance of the higher-self, as verified by muscle testing, it eventually releases all the unprocessed emotional trauma, dysfunctional programs, negative core beliefs, and associated embedded toxins, simply by rolling back the layers in a comprehensive and systematic way. This release simultaneously generates an intellectual understanding of how the trauma has affected the individual over the years. This understanding is sometimes, greater than that gained through traditional psychotherapy. The result can be likened to reframing at the cellular level.

BEAM™ Therapy has been used successfully in a wide variety of conditions from asthma, allergies, depression, feelings of anxiety, anger, fear, sadness, and shame to behaviour, social and learning disorders to name only a few.

$80 for 1 hour in person or distant

Receive 1 Free Session when you purchase a package of 10 sessions for $800.

Read More About BEAM Therapy

The Key to Success!
The key to BEAM™’s success is to start with what the higher-self has determined to be appropriate at that time, rather than what the individual or the therapist may have determined. In this way, the process is entirely safe. We know that no issue will come up that is too much for the individual to deal with in the session.

Whatever the situation may be, the process is basically the same and generally takes from 5 to 65 sessions for healing, depending on the age and problem. BEAM™ is also a wonderful non-invasive treatment for children.

BEAM™ Therapy Process
The basic procedure consists of the systematic use of two steps at every session:

i) the identification of unprocessed emotion or dysfunctional patterns in the outer layer, available for release;
ii) the processing or clearing of these layers with the BEAM™ chakra procedure.

With the systematic layer by layer release, along with their respective embedded toxins (as sequenced by the higher-self), we eventually reach the inner diamond. If vibrational frequencies are used in the client’s energy field during the treatment a thicker layer is released, thus making the method more effective and efficient. In this way, the overall effect of the program or toxin weakens more quickly, unveiling the inner diamond much faster.

Benefits of BEAM™ Therapy
BEAM™ Therapy can be used for any condition and any age. It does not require a person to speak or understand the process. It simply requires the person show up.

BEAM™ has been used successfully in a wide variety of conditions, such as:

  • Asthma / Allergies
  • Anxiety, Separation Anxiety,
  • Autism,
  • Behaviour / Social / Learning Disorders,
  • Depression / Manic depression
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Fibromyalgia,
  • Multiple Chemical/Food Sensitivity
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Personality Disorders
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Severe Abuse (physical/sexual/ Ritual)
  • Severe Bipolar / OCD
  • And more.

How many treatments will I need?
The BEAM™ process usually takes between 5 and 65 sessions for healing, depending on the clients’ age and the severity of the problem. Generally speaking, the younger the person the fewer the visits and the more severe the problem, the more visits are required. The average number of sessions is between 3 and 35 for adults, 15 for adolescents and 6 for children.

BEAM™ Therapy is a wonderful way to shift from living life with dysfunctional perceptions and patterns to reframing and clearing at a cellular level so one may live from a place of calm centeredness and joy.

The Journey Method

The Journey Method was developed by Brandon Bays, an internationally acclaimed author and healer, after being diagnosed with a basketball sized tumour. In her search for healing and recovery Brandon developed a process by which she uncovered unresolved negative emotions and successfully cleared them. From this clearing of her negative emotions and beliefs came forgiveness and the healing of her tumour in only 6.5 weeks.

The Journey Method is an opportunity for profound healing. According to Brandon, this method of healing gives you direct access to the infinite intelligence in your body. It allows you to communicate to that awakened Self. Within this space we can access repressed cell memories or old emotional blocks that have become stored inside our body and our cells. These stored emotions can be the cause of many illnesses and that stuck feeling of not being able to move forward in life.

With The Journey Process you mentally travel within your body with the support of your Journey Practitioner, access these repressed cell memories and begin to release the pain of these stored emotions. Once you have travelled all the way through the different layers of these emotions and successfully cleared them, then forgiveness is found. With this forgiveness and the release of these old cellular memories, traumas and emotions the infinite wisdom of the body can begin to heal itself.

According to Brandon Bays “there is a chemical expression for every emotion we feel. At a purely chemical level, consciousness and emotions are affecting our cells. The Journey is about cellular healing. It is about getting to the root, or core, of an emotional issue or physical block – really uncovering it in the deepest part of our being – before resolving it and letting it go. This means the body can go about the process of healing.”

Brandon Bays Video – Intro to The Journey Method


$120 for 1.5 hrs

$150 for 2 hrs