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From Our Gallery

The Muse

Goddess Transmission from The Muse!

Come play with me and be free! Sweet child of the light! Fly with me and be free of any and all cares that keep you from taking flight!   Be with me in the joys and laughter of life! Be with me as I sing the songs of the angels and fairies and travel through life with lightness in my heart and love upon my face. Join me in all this glee! Be with me and...

Goddess Transmission ~ June 2017

Sixth Face: The Muse I play. I inspire. The qualities of The Muse are imagination, playfulness, creativity, inspiration, beauty, fluidity, spontaneity, wonder, magic, humor and joy, mystical perception, jubilant merrymaker, surprise and freedom of expression.  Her shadow qualities include comparison, scattered creative focus, lack of discipline, flightiness, boredom, impatience, avoidance, and a non-completion that can be seen as irresponsibility. Her symbols include honey, dawn, musical instruments, the harp, rainbows, fairies, elves, angels, flowers,...