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Goddess Transmission ~ The Priestess

This Goddess Transmission was received for my Goddess Restore class hosted on March 3, 2018. I offer this Transmission to you with much love and gratitude.   Here is Her Transmission for you: I am the priestess of this earth and I have come to share with you my wisdom.    I hope you will take in what I would like to share with you and I trust you will find it of use and...


Goddess Transmission ~ March 2017

Third Face: The Priestess I amplify in stillness. The qualities of The Priestess include memory, devotion, silence, translating the divine, presencing beauty. She is the Keeper of the Keys, holder of the mirror and a diviner or oracle. She is the crossroads and signs, signals and your intuition. She is ceremony and she is the knowing that the inner world is more important then the outer world. Her shadow qualities include becoming to...