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From Our Gallery

Lady of Communion

Goddess Transmission from The Lady of Communion ~ Artemis

Sweet Juicy Flower waiting to burst bright, come and sit by me and hear my wisdom so you may flourish and shine. It is your time to reach up high. It is your time to stretch out wide and spread your wings after a long winter of slumber. As you open yourself up to the world how do you feel? Are you still dusting off the dirt and soil from your underground rest? It is...

Goddess Transmission ~ May 2017

Fifth Face: The Lady of Communion. I intend. I empower.   The qualities of the Lady of Communion are intention, spiritual warriorship, impeccability, sovereignty, authentic presence, androgyny, integrity, discipline, self-empowerment, abundant, independent, resourceful, responsible, strong, practical, capable. Her shadow qualities include issues with power/powerlessness, overzealousness, blame, unclear motivation/intention, perfectionism, over-achieving, over discipline, righteous indignation, and over protection. Her symbols include the bow and arrow, the Archer’s target, the shield, trees, unicorns, pine cone and Pegasus....