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From Our Gallery

Goddess of Compassion

Goddess Transmission ~ Quan Yin

Dear one, Thank you for gathering in this space today. I am honoured and blessed by your presence. Your beauty fills my heart with joy and lights each star in the sky on fire. Do you know how beautiful you are my star child? Do you know how radiantly your light shines? Can you see how bright you glow and how much joy you have to offer this world. Look blessed child. Look at your beauty. Look and see...

Goddess Transmission ~ February 2017

Second Face: The Goddess of Compassion I recognize, I seed. The qualities of the Goddess of Compassion include: compassion, mercy, unconditional love, forgiveness, adoration of the Divine and non-attachment. The shadow qualities of the Goddess of Compassion include: suffering rescuer syndrome, non-self-care, inadvertently fostering co-dependency, misperception about what compassion is, unhealed wounded child, not being able to say no, especially in an attempt to get love. Her symbols include the lotus flower and...