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From Our Gallery

Creator Destroyer

Kali Ma’s Transmission from the April 13 Goddess Restore

Do you fear me Dear One? Does the site of blood make you shake and quiver? Do the bones in my hands and this severed head make you want to turn away from my love for you? Come back and look at me. Look straight into my eyes and tell me who you see? Who do you see staring right back at you? Do you see yourself beloved one? Do you see yourself in my eyes Dear...

Goddess Transmission ~ April 2017

Fourth Face: The Creator Destroyer I focus. I create. The qualities of Kali Ma include the power of creation and destruction, oneness, and non-duality. She is the liberation and the destroyer of illusions. She is tantra, transformation, assimilation, and creative chaos. She is a catalyst for your purification. Her shadow qualities include victim thinking and not taking responsibility for the creation of your reality. Unresolved anger, rage, self-destructiveness, attachment, jealousy and revenge are...