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How to Make Your Yoga Routine Feel Less Routine During the Pandemic

How to Make Your Yoga Routine Feel Less Routine During the Pandemic

Anytime you do something routinely it can become, well, routine. Even the staunchest yoga enthusiast can experience low points, and when you hit those lows, finding ways to pull more nourishment from your yoga routine can feel pretty challenging. Especially during a pandemic, it’s a good idea to try new tools to keep your yoga practice feeling fresh and help you feel less stressed while going about it. Read on as we reveal enriching opportunities to take your experience to the next level.


No Place Like Home

Taking your regimen to different places can be a boon, but unfortunately, that may not be an option for you these days. Now is the perfect time to set up a permanent studio space for an in-home yoga practice. Choose a quiet area free of distractions, where you can stretch out and be comfortable. Add some items that inspire you, such as mementos from your travels, trinkets from loved ones, or a gift or two dear to your heart. Add appropriate props, like a mat, straps, and some blocks. Consider creature comforts as well, like a blanket to keep the chill off if you meditate after you get sweaty, and a cushion for your seat. Outfit the space to your liking, and you’ll look forward to using it that much more.


Promote Good Vibes

Before you get started practicing in your new yoga space, you want to make sure the energy you feel in your home is positive. This can help enhance your yoga routine and help you feel better throughout the day. Things like clutter, constantly complaining, and criticizing others in your household increase negative energy and can cause a great deal of stress. If you’re not feeling good at home, now’s a good time to do a negative vibe cleanse. Getting rid of any clutter and giving the home a good clean can reduce tension in the home.


Turn Up the Temp

Yes, you can actually practice hot yoga at home! The trick: a space heater or humidifier. Hot yoga offers some unique benefits, thanks to the warm, humid environment and quick pace. The increased sweating can mean better detox, leading to better overall wellness and healthier skin. The high temperature and humidity promote more limber muscles, so your flexibility can increase. And with the fast pace, you’re going to enjoy a more intense cardio program than other forms of yoga. Search online for a hot yoga class or video to get started on this terrific wellness path.


Be Ready

Planning and preparation are a must for yoga practices that make you sweat, including hot yoga. You’ll want to hydrate sufficiently before and during the session, but proper hydration can be complicated. Consider adding some foods to your diet that are rich in electrolytes, like fruit, yogurt, and pumpkin seeds. It’s a satisfying, natural way to absorb what you need throughout the day. Also, drink at least 20 ounces of fluids a couple of hours before class, and continue sipping throughout your session. Following class, you can replace the electrolytes you sweat out with an enhanced drink.

Lastly, wear appropriate gear. The Nest suggests aiming for clothing made from performance fabrics, putting your hair up, and going barefoot. Shoes can make your feet all the more sweaty, plus there are bonus benefits from practicing yoga barefoot, like helping to align the body properly and boosting the strength in your feet.


Strike a (New) Pose

If things are getting a bit stale, why not shake up your routine with fresh poses? Try some variations on classic asanas for a fun twist. Sometimes simply doing a different version of an old favorite can give you something to look forward to, and challenge your body and mind in a new way.

Another idea is to take private yoga classes online through the Lila Yoga Wisdom School so you can take your practice anywhere safe, anytime. This way, you can enjoy your routine in the backyard, set up a studio at home, practice on your lunch break, or go to a local park. As Shape explains, sometimes just getting into the great outdoors can be energizing and encourage more connection with nature and the world at large. It can also help your physical program as you experience different kinds of terrain.

If your yoga routine is feeling too routine during the pandemic, get away from the usual rigamarole. Consider taking a hot yoga class, try some new poses, take classes online, or change up where you practice. Adding new things can bring the refreshment and nourishment you crave from your yoga regimen.


If you’re looking for a great yoga studio that’s currently hosting in-studio classes, we recommend taking a class with Dundas Yoga & Fitness. For more dedicated yogis, this is also a perfect time to shift from taking an hour long class to getting certified as a yoga instructor with Lila Yoga Wisdom School. Our 200-hour yoga teacher training will help you deepen your practice and teach you how to teach yoga to others.

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Guest Blog Post by: Sheila Johnson

Image courtesy of Unsplash