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Goddess Transmission from The Great Mother – January 21, 2019

Goddess Transmission from The Great Mother – January 21, 2019

Beloved child of the light, rest in my arms, lean back into me and allow me to hold you.

Who am I? I am all things, I am all knowing, I am you and you are me. I hold you now and always.

I am the seas for as far as the eyes can see. I am the ground from which you stand on. I am the air you breath, the trees you climb and I am the mountains you gaze upon with wonder and joy.

I am all thing. But mostly I am you.

Do you feel lost dear one? Do you feel you have lost your way? Do you feel you don’t have any ground to stand on as you move and travel through your day?

As you move about dear one look down and remember that I am always with you. Remember that I am always here. I will never faultier and I will never leave you.

No matter how much you hurt and abuse me and take me for granted – I will always stand with you.

Remember dear one that I am you and you are me – I am simply a reflection of you – as you abuse and pollute me it is you that you are actually abusing and polluting and poisoning – for I am you and you are me – so dear one – pause – realize that as you and your society shift away from earth wisdom and the rhythm of my drum you shift away from your own heart and it’s calling.

Remember dear one – that I am you and you are me.

You, like I are the creator – you like I are the mother of all things – you like I are the universe.

I hear you not believing me and I hear you not understanding the possibility of all this – but dear one as God has created me in her own vision – she has created you in her own vision – as I am a vision of God you too are a vision of God and as you are me I am you and as I am you – you are me.

We are simply a refection and one in the same.

I am steady in my stance – unwavering in my position – I trust the way – as you search for what you long for – pause and simply allowing it too arrive. Dear one allow your essence to pour forward so that you become embodied with the knowing of who you are – for you are me and I am you.

I am strong – I am strength.
I am power – I am powerful.
I am sovereign – I am sovereignty.
I am soulful – I am soul.
I am love – I am loved.
I am clarity – I am clear.
I am all things to all beings and I am Home.

And as I am all these things so are you Dear one for you are me and I am you.

I am the one you can trust as you travel on your way as I am the one who holds you as you walk each and every day.

I am embrace – I embrace you.
I am love – I love you.
I am becoming each and every day.
I am growth and potential and I am creativity and abundance.
I am nurturing and I nourish you.

Lay down upon me and rest dear one for as you surrender into me I will hold you – pour your cares and your worries into me so I may transform them for you – allow me to hold you and nourish you as you release into me all that is no longer serving you – all that is keeping you stuck and all that is keeping you small.

Allow me – allow me – allow me to support you – to take from you all that weights you down and to give you a solid ground from which to fly.

Dear one – remember I am you and you are me – as I create so can you – as I grow and nourish – so can you as I evolve and transform and ascend to higher heights so can you.

Until then Dear one – rest in me – surrender in me – and allow my loving arms to embrace you as you rest.

The Great Mother

Art work by: Josephine Wall