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Goddess Transmission from The Muse!

Goddess Transmission from The Muse!

Come play with me and be free!

Sweet child of the light!

Fly with me and be free of any and all cares that keep you from taking flight!


Be with me in the joys and laughter of life!

Be with me as I sing the songs of the angels and fairies and travel through life with lightness in my heart and love upon my face.

Join me in all this glee!

Be with me and let go of your burdens and your worries.

Be with me and choose to laugh at your mistakes and mishaps and choose to frolic in the humour of your ways.


Don’t be down or forlorn!

Rejoice dear one for this is all a dream!

None of this is even close to being true and none of this is even close to being real!


Do you think all that you see before you is real sweet one?

For the truth is none of it is!

It is all a dream and it is all an illusion!


I am hear to tell you you can relax now because this is not the real you!

You are not a being full of pain, upset and anger!

You are a child of the God/Goddess and you are pure love and light!


Your presence here on this planet is simply your idea of experience.

Your being here is your angelic body having a human experience.

That is it!

None of this is real!


Your pain is not real it is simply an experience you are having.

Yes, it will feel real to you in the moment of the experience but that is simply so you can experience the feeling of pain and discomfort.

You do not need to take this on as who you are.

It is simply your opportunity to understand the experience of pain.


This is also true of anger, jealousy and rage!

They are all simply experiences you are having to understand these emotions, but they are not who you are and they are not you.

They are simply an experience you have chosen to have in this life time.

Nothing more or less.


So if you are no longer enjoying your pain or your anger or your rage then let it go.

Choose to shift away from it and choose to release yourself from it.

Choose to be free!


Freedom is the delight and laughter of life.

Freedom is all you need to feel every cell in your body awaken to the bliss of life!

Freedom is the key!

Freedom is your breath growing larger and more expansive.

Freedom is the juice that propels you forward and freedom is the light and love that dances in your heart!


So dance sweet child!

Dance in the knowing that you are a blessed child of the light and that you are free!


 With delight and Love,

The Muse


Artwork by: Josephine Wall