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Goddess Transmission from The Lady of Communion ~ Artemis

Goddess Transmission from The Lady of Communion ~ Artemis

Sweet Juicy Flower waiting to burst bright, come and sit by me and hear my wisdom so you may flourish and shine.

It is your time to reach up high.

It is your time to stretch out wide and spread your wings after a long winter of slumber.

As you open yourself up to the world how do you feel?

Are you still dusting off the dirt and soil from your underground rest?

It is time dear one, to shake off any remaining cobwebs and begin to burn bright!

It is time dear one that you look up to the sun and allow it to feed you once again so you may shine your light onto others.

It is your gift in this world and anothers treasure, to shine your light bright so others may feel empowered to trust and soar also.

As you learn to fly again you allow others to trust their own wings too.

You invite others to leap and trust that the Great Mother will always catch them if they fall.

You and your ability to fly high will ignite your sisters to also burn bright and to shine their light on earth so she too may begin to heal from the rape and pillaging she has suffered.

It is time dear one to rise up.

It is time dear one to stand up.

It is time to rise up like the powerful Goddess you are and to take your place in the line with others who too are beginning to remember who they are.

It is time to shine brighter then the sun so all the rays will heal and empower others.

It is time dear one you remember why you have come here.

It is time dear one you remember your mission and your path.

It is time you free yourself from the obligation you believe to be yours and it is time to rise up and claim your throne and be the light we are all searching for.

Take aim on your path.

Set your eyes straight.

And release your arrow forward so your work here can begin.

I intend, I empower!


Artemis ~ The Lady of Communion 




Image: Artist Unknown