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Sion Transmission from March 3, 2018

Sion Transmission from March 3, 2018

Sion is a new energy that has come to the plant to express themselves.

They are heart consciousness. They are unconditional love.

I am a Scribe for Sion.


Here is Sion’s Transmission for you.


We are Sion.  

We are love, light and heart consciousness. We are here to bring you home.  

We are here to bring you home to yourself.  

We have come to offer you light and to open you to self-love.  


We ask you do you love yourself dear one? 

We ask you this because it is our feeling that many on your planet earth do not love themselves and because of this much war, fighting and hatred occur.  

It is our hope that you as a planet can turn this around as you own survival depends on it. 

You as a race must now and always choose love and no longer choose fear.  

Fear is what most have been choosing for many years and this choicing has caused much destruction and chaos in this life of yours and on your planet. 

It is our hope and request of you that you choose to love yourself.  

For love is freedom.  


Can we ask you why you do not love yourself? 

Why have you chosen fear? 

Your answers of not enoughness or doubt must be banished from your mind as you are absolutely enough.  

You are a child of God. God does not make mistakes. God does not make his children to not be enough. 

This is only your perception of you and we want to tell you your perception of you is not correct for if it was you would be saying God is wrong and he has made a mistake in his making of you and we say God does not make mistakes so it is not God but your perception that must change. 


How you ask? How do you change your perception of you when you only see you as not enough? 

We say you must take off your glasses and change the lens from which you are seeing from.

Please take the time to look at you as if you were a new born child with no preconceived ideas of who or how you should be. 

Only that you are. That you are a child of God created in Gods own image so God can experience life through you as you. 

If God wanted to fully experience life, he would not want to experience it through one who does not realize their enougthness.  

So it is your responsibility then to try your best to see yourself through the eyes of a new born child or even through the eyes of God herself or is it himself so that you can experience life unburden by a perception that is not true. 


Your untrue perception of yourself must be banished and traded in for one that is the truth and not some notion derived from another or even your own mind. 

It is time for you to live life through God’s eyes and not ones you thought were yours.  

It is time to open to realize who you truly are and to choose to live life from truth and not from an emotionally derived state of being that has been created from the influence of others. 

If you dig deep and if you listen you will hear the real you and not the not enough you you think you are. 

If you listen closely the real you, the one God created in his own image, is waiting to be seen and heard and listened to so that God can in fact experience this life so that as he or is it she, continues to create life for this universe you call home, so he will continue to improve human kind and he will continue to improve his likeness so his experience of you is pure and full of light. 


He sees you struggle he sees you fight but all this fight and struggle is for not as none of it is truth. 

None of it is real. 

The only real in all of this is that you are a child of God.

You are loved beyond measure and your purpose on this plant is to enjoy ever ounce of life God has created for you to experience.  

That is the truth.

Everything else is the opposite. 

Everything else is false and everything that burdens you and brings you to despair is false; it is not real. 

What is real however is your forgetting.

What is real is your forgetting of who you are.

What is real is your amnesia. 

So we ask you now to wake up!

Wake up to who you really are! 


How is that you ask? 

You are a child of God.

You are a being of light. 

You are unconditional love and you and loved beyond measure. 


We all love you,