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Goddess Transmission ~ The Priestess

Goddess Transmission ~ The Priestess

This Goddess Transmission was received for my Goddess Restore class hosted on March 3, 2018. I offer this Transmission to you with much love and gratitude.


Here is Her Transmission for you:

I am the priestess of this earth and I have come to share with you my wisdom.   

I hope you will take in what I would like to share with you and I trust you will find it of use and of joy. 

My hope is to lighten your heart to ensure you are filled with all you need to become or feel whole again. 

You are the light of the heavens and you are the light of the stars.  

Your brilliance is beyond measure and my love for you reaches further than any can measure. 

I am the priestess, the keeper of the keys and the keeper of wisdom.  

The wisdom I have to share is not of this world and the wisdom I would like to offer you is a precious gift.  

Please open to receive it. 


As I offer my wisdom to you please open to receive every aspect of it and please do not think you are not good enough to hear it and know it and breath it in and live it.   

This wisdom is my gift to you. Star child, you are a gift from the Goddess.  

You are the Queen of every kingdom and you are the light that will change this world. 

So no longer keep your light hidden star child.

No longer live in fear of prosecution and no longer hide your light because your light is the gift you have been asked to gift to all humanity 

Not all of your brother and sister star children are as awake as you. 

Not all are able to see, hear and know. 

Not all are able to arrive at this kind of event and not all are open to hear the words of the goddess. 

Therefore, you my star child must step forward into the light and begin to show your fellow earthlings the way of the light world.  

You light worker must step forward now and hone your skills. 

 You light worker must begin to work on your gifts so you can offer them to this world. 


Earth star child I ask that you put aside your fears and open to your gifts for you too are the keeper of the keys of light.  

You simply need to look into your treasure chest and let them out.

Look inside and find your keys, find your wisdom. Find the gifts God/Goddess has given you to share with this world. 

It is now time for you to free your gifts to own your keys.  

Can you set aside your fears star being and open your treasure chest with me.  


Dear One, Do you see before you your treasure chest? 

Do you feel how it longs to be opened? 

It is time dear one.  

It is time to step into your power and shed what is holding you down and to put on your priestess robe and become who you are meant to be. 

As I am by your side, please turn the key and please open your treasure chest. 

What do you see inside dear one? 

What keys are there waiting for you to receive? 

What wisdom is there waiting for you to hear it? 

What wisdom is there waiting for you to see it? 

What gift, treasures, keys and wisdom is inside this treasure chest waiting for you to discover it? 

I will give you some time here in silence as you look thru your treasure chest and uncover your keys, your wisdom, your gifts, your purpose and your life.  

Feel safe as I am by your side. 


Do you feel complete dear one. Have you received all your keys and treasures in this chest? 

If you feel there is more for you to uncover, you are welcome to call me in again and come back to this treasure chest for it is yours and it will always be with you. 

As you develop your gifts and work with your keys they will get stronger and more gifts and keys will arrive. 

And it does not matter if you received one gift or many. All is in perfect alignment. And all gifts will be different for each of you. 


Please close the lid on your treasure chest and turn to your left now. 

Do you see a garden path in the forest.  

Go to it and please begin to walk down this path. 

As you continue you will see a sapphire blue temple. This temple is my home.  

Please feel free to walk up to it and to step inside. 

Inside you will see a table. On this table are more gifts for you.  

These are gifts of protection and they are gifts of alchemical transformation. 


Do you see a sword and shield? 

Do you see a silver chalice? 

Do you see wooden staff.  

Do you see any others gift on this table? 

Go to the gift that calls to you the most.  

Touch it and hold it. 

If this gift is the one you would like to leave with today, feel free to take it with you.  

You can take the sword and shield of protection, the chalice of wisdom or the staff of initiation or whatever other gifts have appeared. 

Choose well and know you can always return here to receive another gifts. 

Now that you have chosen your gift, kindly turn to the table behind you. 

On this table is a symbol for you. Can you see or vision this symbol? 

This symbol is yours to take with you on your journey also. 

Now that you have visioned and taken your symbol it is time to depart from my temple. 


I Thank you for entering my temple beloved star child.  

It is now time to return to your time where you will carry with you your symbol, your gift and the keys from your treasure chest. 

It is time to depart thru my temple doors, walk back down the garden path and return to yourself. 

Beloved star child, it is now time for you to shine your light fully in this world and to help heal your fellow earth beings and join your fellow light workers as you all rise up to heal this planet. 

It is time to be courageous and to heal yourself and the world.  

It is now time to be brave and to step into your full power.  

It is now time to put aside your fears, self-doubt and to step powerfully forward to help transform yourself and the plant in which your body and soul has chosen to live. 

It is time dear one.  

It is time. 

I love you beloved one, beyond measure. 

I am always here for you. 

I am your priestess. I am the Goddess. 


Image by: Josephine Wall