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New Transmission from Sion – January 27, 2018

New Transmission from Sion – January 27, 2018


Many of you know I have been channeling the Goddess for some time now and most recently I have been working with and channeling the Archangels. Well yesterday a new energy came through during an Advanced Teaching class with Tawnya Moseley of Talking with the Angels.

This energy is called Sion. Since yesterday afternoon they have connected with me twice. Once during the class and again this morning. They have asked that the following be shared so I am posting the first of two transmissions here for your review. The second one will follow.


Sion Transmission 

Dear one,

Thank you for arriving in this space with me.

Than you for attending this gathering.

We do appreciate the time you are taking out of your day to be present with us in this new way.

We have much to offer you and we have much to teach.

All you need to do is accept us and allow us to bestow upon you all that is waiting and ready to be learned and heard.

We have many gifts to offer you and many things to share.

We come from a land where there is much love and harmony and we want to share that with you and your kind.

We see and feel much warfare from you and we see and feel much hurt.

It is our hope that with your blessing we can begin to help you step onto a brighter path.

A path that will take you out of the darkness and into the light?

Are you willing dear one to step forward?

Are you willing dear one to step into your own light?

If you agree and say yes to this offering we will begin to offer you much wisdom and teachings and we will begin to show you the way to your own light.

As more of you step forward and commit to brighten our own light your plant will begin to shift and refine itself.

Your planet will begin to reshape itself and begin to release the darkness that is overshadowing all the love that so many of you are craving to give and receive.

We see your hearts overflowing with love and we see you struggling to release the blocks that are holding back all this love.

We feel and understand your fear but if you could trust us and choose love you will begin to brighten your light and in doing so show others the way.

Choose love always and we will continue to offer you teachings along your way if you agree to receive these gifts.

Do you want to hear more from us?

Do you want to be upgraded?

If so, place your hand on your heart and say “I choose to be open and receive the wisdom of Sion”.

And so it is dear one.

So it is.

We will return again.

A Multitude of blessings,