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Goddess Transmission ~ December 2017 #2

Goddess Transmission ~ December 2017 #2

The Thirteenth Face of the Goddess: The Alchemical Goddess of Ecstasy

I am freedom. I am grace. I am union.

The light qualities of The Alchemical Goddess include: wholeness, constant change, union, transcendence, ecstasy, unconditional love, empty presence, spiritual surrender, feasting, grace, alchemcial marriage, solar androgyny, cosmic consciousness, magicianship, triumph, glory, fluidity, manifestation and star lineage.

The shadow qualities are expectation, struggle, moving against the flow, resistance and fixity. Her symbols include rainbows, fountains, night rainbows, butterflies, frogs, sacred hoops, conch shells, amniotic sac/umbilical cord, cornucopia, gold, The Phoenix, Gryphon, Chnoubis and Torque. Her animal totem is a peacock and dolphin and Her element is ether and all the elements.  Her sacred tools are the peacock feather, rainbow rob, star blankets, lineage belts and mantles.

Her colours are rainbow, gold or silver and Her scent is lotus and neroli. S/he likes curry, tumeric, passionflower and Her sacrament is feast foods, lotus root or etherium gold on the tongue. The myth is of change in changelesness and the tree associated with the Alchemical Goddess is mistletow and golden raintree. Her flower is orchids and lotus and she is all phases of the moon. The sacred geometry the triquetra, the dodecahedron and the star tetrahedron. Her mudra is all hands together. Her mantra is Vaxac Hu Nab Ku Xibalbabeh, Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate Bodhi Swaha.

S/he is Oxlahun, Parajana Parameta, Changing Women, Black Madonna, Rainbow Goddess of the Ark, Cessair, Ollin, Amaterasu and Ixchel. The alchemical process is under the Operation of Coagulation and is called umbra solis.

13 Moon Oracle, Ariel Spilsbury.


Here is Her Transmission for you.

Dearest One,

Can you see how bright your fire burns?

Do you see the joy and ecstasy that is you?

Can you feel the rapture of your Self?

Are you able to laugh in the face of destruction and chaos and toss your head back in divine laughter?

Laugh with me dear one if your world is falling apart.

Rejoice if all that you know is slipping through your finger tips.

And let go, let go, let go of all that you think is yours.

Join me and be the witness of you and all that surrounds you as you watch it all slip away.

And trust it will all be established and rebuilt once more but perhaps not how you once preceived.

Exhale with the knowing all is well and all is always well.

It is simply your perception and doubting in me and in the flow of the universe that causes you to fret.

Fret no more and instead rejoice in the alchemical process as your transformation continues to unravel before you.

Allow it all to flow and become fluid with its movement.

Don’t hold on or try to direct it for it has its own way and its own knowing of the direction it needs to take in order for you to be alchemcized in the fire of divine love.

Allow yourself to be alchemized and transformed into gold for you are the freedom you seek and the union you search for.

Search no more dear one as you are the union you search for and you are the freedom that you seek.

You are the grace in all things and you are pure gold.

Trust in the process of the fire that burns and trust in your own knowing of love.

Trust in me and my unconditional love for you and trust I would never let you fall.

Instead enjoy the ride and laugh as you witness your transformation and your own re-birth.

In devotion,

The Alchemical Goddess



Art by Josephine Wall