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Goddess Transmission ~ December 2017

Goddess Transmission ~ December 2017

The Twelfth Face of the Goddess: The Queen of Death

I release. I trust.


The positive qualities of the Queen of Death include non-resistance, peace, dissolution of ego, death and rebirth, journey into the Void/Underworld, shamanic death, fallowness, authenticity, entering the unknown, releasing completion, letting go.

Her shadow qualities include: self-destructiveness, self-sabotage, depression, sadness, oversubjectivity, resistance, stagnation, fear, denial, lack of trust, betrayal, in-authenticity, feeling lazy, and unproductive, hopelessness, issues of control, fear of change.

Her symbols are the death shroud, River Styx, Anubis, pomegranate seeds, bones, pits, boats, masks, gnomes, flies, poppy seeds and mushrooms. Her animal totem is the bat, vulture and panther. Her element is earth and her sacred tool is the death shroud. Her colour is black. Her scent is jasmine, hollyberry, helichrysum, immortelle and styrax.

Her herbs are mandrake root and belladonna. Her sacrament is pomegranate or pomegranate juice, figs, and starfruit. She is the myth of decent and return and she is the yew tree. Her crystal is the black pearl, black tourmaline, obsidian, charcoal moonstone. Her flowers include star jasmine, stephanotis, white gladiolus, and white narcissus.

She is the 26th day after the dark of the moon and her sacred geometry is the five pointed star. Her mudra is a five pointed star in the air in front of your heart. Her mantra is Ah-bra-HA-da-bra! Yo-ta-hey or In the Mother, In the Mother. Her alchemical process is under the operation of Fermentation/Putrefaction. In my end is my beginning.

She is Nekhebet, Inanna, Persephone, Hecae, Ereshkigal, Kali-Uma, Priest/esses of Eleusis, Mut, Nephtys, Valkyries, and Selkhet.

13 Moon Oracle, Ariel Spilsbury


Here is her Transmission for you:

Dearest One,

You have finally come.

To the end.

Or is it the beginning?

You have arrived in the dark.

You have come to the black.

It is here where all things end and then begin again.

It is here where you can let go of all that is no longer serving you on this journey if and only if you can trust.

Can you trust me dear one?

Can you trust in the death that needs to come in order for you to be reborn.

Are you prepared and ready to let go of all the darkness that pollutes your body so you can be free of and consider the light?

Come dear one, if you trust me take my hand and descend with me to the darkness, descend with me to the Underworld so you can ferment and putrefy and shed all that no longer is in service of you.

Shed your skin and gift it to the Underworld so it like you can be transformed anew.

Are you ready?

Are you ready to leave behind the debris that you call your skin?


Take my hand and gaze into my eye.

What do you see?

Who do you see?

Do you see The Queen of Death who is here to challenge you and champion you forward to your greatness?

Do you see yourself in me?

Are you able to see past the veils of illusion and see and trust the truth of who you are?

Are you able to see past the illusion that keeps you small and quiet and hidden?

Come out of hiding dear one and release all that no longer serves you or the world and step forward into your greatness so you may heal the world as you also heal yourself.

It takes only your trust.

Your trust in me and your trust in the shedding of you skin so you may rot, die, seed and ripen again.

Take my hand dear one and dive into the earth with me so you may die a gracious death and then be reborn anew.





In trust, dive deep with me and let go of all that is no longer serving you or you playing small.

Let you limbs grow strong and wide as you open and birth yourself anew.

Close your eyes dear one and dive deep with me so you may become all you are blessed to be.

Close your eyes, take my hand and see me as we dive deep into Her soil.

Envelope yourself in the blackness of my cloak and let me take you to the Underworld where you will be born free.

In your end is your beginning.


With the deepest love for you,

The Queen of Death