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Goddess Transmission ~ November 2017

Goddess Transmission ~ November 2017

The Eleventh Face of the Goddess: The Weaver Dreamer

I dream. I connect.


The positive qualities of the Weaver Dreamer include: synthesis, conscious dreamer, synchronicity, connector, networker, storyteller, bard, myth maker, seer, weaver, keeper of timelessness, overview, non-linearity, non-causality, visionary, affinity, star-kindred, being fully received, symbolist, clue-tracker, surety, quiet knowing.

Her shadow qualities include: disconnectedness, no boundaries, spacey, ungrounded, exaggeration, gossip, myth maker who blurs reality with stretching the truth to non-integrity, misusing the gift of storytelling for personal advantage, over signification of symbolic guidance.

Her symbols are the web, loom, labyrinth, shuttles, thread, wheels, crystal grid network, raven, rabbit, and braiding. Her totem animal is the spider, lizard and dragon. Her element is air and her sacred tool is the loom and medicine pipe. Her colour is magenta and black and Her scent is elemi, amber resin and clary sage. She loves fennel, yarrow and angelica and Her sacrament is woven bread, braided licorice strings and dragon fruit.

Her myth is the unity of all life, Her tree is ash and Her crystal is dark pink tourmaline and morganite. She loves spider chrysanthemum, magenta ginger flowers, stargazer lilies, fuchsia, peony, and magenta cockscomb. She is the 20th day of the dark moon and Her sacred geometry is the eight-spoked wheel. Her mantra is Nuit-hadit Ra-Hoor-Khuit or Ritam.

Her alchemical process is solification. To pass one must release their lower mind moving toward self-actualization and arriving at a crystalline vision of transpersonal, collective awareness.

The Weaver Dreamer is White Buffalo Cafe Woman, She is Kokyongwukti, Le Hev Hev, Ariadne Arachne and Ixchel.

Ariel Spilsbury, 13 Moon Oracle


Here is Her Transmission for you:

Beloved I have arrived on the silky thread of a spider’s web. 

I am here to inform you of your interconnectedness to all things and to remind you of your importance and essence to all things.

Like each thread in the spider’s web your presence is essential.

Your position in the wheel of life is critical.

For without you there would be no you and than we would not know the knowing of you or your presence and a lacking of connectedness would arise.

Your presence in the web of life is critial.

Your presence in the wheel of life and webbing of all things together is essential for if you were not present all this would fail to flow and shift and blend and move.

Without you dear one life would not move.

Without you dear one life would not flow and weave and blend so well.

Your presence here is essential for like a spoke is needed in the wheel so it is in balance and thus can turn you too are needed and must stay present so life can move and flow and work.

Your presence is what make all things work.

Your presence is what makes the rivers flow and the wind blow.

Your presence is what makes life feel right for if you were not here dear one all things would be off and out of balance.

Your presence dear one is the key to the inter-connectedness of all life.

You may at times feel unnecessary but trust me when I say dear one your presence and your life and you living your life is what makes life flow, grow and flourish.

Without you dear one we would not be stable; we would not be whole.

Without you dear one we would not be complete.

So please dear one stay.


Stay and play the game of life with us all for your presence is the gift life gives to each and everyone of us.

Stay beloved.



From a depth of love you cannot yet image,

The Weaver Dreamer.


Image from Ariel Spilsbury, 13 Moon Oracle