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Goddess Transmission ~ October 2017

Goddess Transmission ~ October 2017

Tenth Face of The Goddess: The Wise Woman

I simplify. I resonate.


The positive qualities of the Wise Women include: guidance, wisdom, allowance, acceptance, heart-knowing, healing, resonance, medicine ways, seeing larger patterns, the wisdom of the crone shape shifting, confidence, ability to recognize essence, humility, crystal wisdom, simplicity, crossroads, integrity, cheeky humor, union of intuitive, rational and instinctive, herbal wisdom.

Her shadow traits include: mental complexity, self-doubt, confusion, uncertainty, ego identification with being a healer, core layers of self-worth, fear of madness.

Her symbols include: crystal, mask, crystal ball, otter, caduceus, herbs, bones, crossroads and black bears. Her animal totems include the crow, magpie, coyote, elephant and the Cheshire cat! Her elements are earth and fire and Her tool is the staff.

Her scent is sweetgrass, yarrow and copal and Her herbs are basil and chamomile. Her sacrament include basil and gummy worms! Her myth is the holy woman or healer of the tribe and her tree is eucalyptus, walnut and hazel. She loves smoky quartz, quartz, moldavite, snowflakes obsidian. She loves casablanca stargazer lily, white poppy and papyrus.

She is the 20th day after a dark moon and her sacred geometry is the triple triangle. Her mantra is Ain Soph Aur or Lay Ooh Esh. She is Athena, Sophia, White Buffalo Woman, Hecate, La Lobo, Hathor, Harmonia, Hygia and Cerridwen.

Her alchemical process is under the operation of separation and it is circulatio.

13 Moon Oracle, by Ariel Spilsbury


Here is her Transmission for you:


Dear One,

I have been waiting for this opportunity to talk with you.

To tell you about your greatness and to remind you about who you are.

Did you know you are a Queen?

Did you know you are a wise one?

Did you know as you are moving through your life you are learning and growing and gleaning from each experience you have to mold you into the wisest women as you turn the wheel and move through your years?

Did you know all the wisdom you need is already within you.

It is like seeds just waiting to blossom.

Each time you cry you are watering these seeds of wisdom and each time you experience life you fertilize more and more seeds.

Your life is about sprouting these seeds so you as you age become wise through your years and available to assist those younger than you sprout too.

Your life is a living library of each experience.

Each experience is an opportunity to grow and blossom.

Each blossoming is your opportunity to spread your wisdom and nourish your soil.

So my dearest one, spread yourself open and plant the seeds of your experience and lift your face to the sun so your wrinkled face will be filled with wisdom and beauty.

I love you, always.

The Wise Woman.


Image: unknown artist