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Goddess Transmission ~ September 2017

Goddess Transmission ~ September 2017

Ninth Face of The Goddess: The Initiator

I align. I challenge. I clarify.


The qualities of The Initiator include empowerment, coherence, challenger, catalyzer, truth, power, authenticity, clarity, discrimination, radical change, quantum leap, risk, breakthrough, collective avatar, innovator and iconoclast. Her shadow qualities include, self-importance, judgement, trying to control with the mind, blame, impatience, the need for recognition, power, control in the ego, addictions to mask and a feeling of separation from Source.

Her symbols are diamonds, octahedrons, swords, pyramids, lighting paths, thunder birds, thunder beings, the phoenix, herons and winged lions! Her animal totem is the hawk and her element is air. Her sacred tools are the sword, mantle and mirror. Her herbs are thyme, verbena and her sacrament is purple or concord grapes. Her scent is mistletoe and lemongrass.

Her myth is the Path of Initiation and her tree is oak and the purple heartwood. Her crystals are purple fluorite octahedron, and purple tanzanite. She loves purple lisianthus, purple statis and purple irises. She is the 18th day after the dark moon and her sacred geometry is octahedron and diamond. Her mantra is I EE OH U EE A O OOM or Ra Hu Ra. She is Isis, Cerridwen, Maat, Minerva ans Shesat.

Her alchemical process is under the operation of coagualation. In the alchemical journey this is called albedo-rubedo. This is where spirit is becoming fixed to matter.

13 Moon Oracle by Ariel Spilsbury


Here is Her Transmission for you:

Dear One, Is it time to start.

It is time to sit and write.

It is time to sit and create.

It is time to move and dance.

It is time to get it done.

What is it that is calling you to get done, dear one?

For whatever the calling is, it is time to listen and do.

It is time to start and finish.

It is time to listen and heed the call.

Who is calling to you dear one and are you willing to listen.

If you do choose to listen and it is always a choice, you will be given the opportunity to express from the depth of your being and to fully shine your brilliance.

This calling is your awakening to show up and stop the chatter of why you can’t so you can move into the energy of why you came here.

So whatever it is that is stopping you dear one, love it and let it go.

Thank it for protecting you and serving its purpose but come into alignment with the knowing that you are free now and you have always been strong enough to step forward with your sword in hand and create whatever is calling for you.

It is time to listen and move from a place of knowing and no longer doubting.

It is time to step forward in your truth and strength and power and do what it is you have been sent here to do.

Now is your time beloved.



In love and devotion,

The Initiator