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Goddess Transmission ~ August 2017

Goddess Transmission ~ August 2017

Eighth Face: The Primal Goddess

I fuel. I consume.


The qualities of The Primal Goddess include: instinct, freedom, untamed, wild, passionate, gypsy, sacred initiatrix, Dionysian ecstatic priestess, vitality, kundalini, and setting proper boundaries. Her shadow qualities include: survival issues, the compromise of ones essential self, using seduction for control, rebelliousness with authority figures, disempowerment through sexual manipulation, lacking discipline, unresolved shame or guilt.

Her symbols are volcanos, rivers, grapes, drums, fire, thunder, lighting, salamander, corn and copper. Her animal totem is the snake and wolf and Her element is fire. Her sacred tool is lightening a drum or a rattle and her colours are red and orange. She is the scent of musk and ylang ylang. Her sacraments include: oranges, mangoes, papayas, cardamom cake and wine. Her crystal is the fire opal, her flower is the orange lily, the orange poppy, and the passion flower and she is the 16th day after the dark moon.

Her sacred geometry is five descending triangles within a circle and her mantra is Shakti, Shakti Shakti! She is Shakti, Pele, Magdalene, Lilith and the Cretan Snake Priestess. Her alchemical process is Corpus Glorificatum. This is when the Shakti fire radiantly reveals the golden body. In this blazing of the flask of the body divine ecstasy is revealed.

13 Moon Oracle by Ariel Spilsbury


Here is Her Transmission for you.

I am here.

I have arrived.

I am here in my full glory and passion.

I am here to consume those parts of you that are ready to be let go of and burned at the stake.

I am here to free you of all your burdens so you may dance in the fire and not get burned.

I am here to open you up to your passion and to your freedom.

As you open to me and release all that which is no longer serving you you will find freedom in your body.

You will shed your skin and peel of all the layers of regret, fear, shame and guilty and the unknowing of your own beauty and passion.

In this shedding of your skin you will be light as air and you will be free to dance as the wind blows.

You will feel a freedom like no other.

As you release your rage and hatred and your anger you will be able to view all things from a different lens.

You will be able to see that beauty in all things and you will be able to see the beauty in yourself.

As you feel and know your own beauty you will want to release all those parts of yourself that have been buried down deep.

All those parts of yourself that you have been too afraid to unleash.

Now is your time to unburden yourself and to set yourself free so you may dance in the flames of love and not get burned.

So strip down dear one and release your cares.

Release all that has you tied to who you thought you were and open yourself.

Open yourself and shed your skin and be free to be the magnificent flame of light that you are.

Dance to the rhythm of the drum and free yourself with every beat and step you take.

Dance dear one, dance and be free.


In fiery love for you,

The Primal Goddess


Artist: unknown