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Goddess Transmission ~ July 2017

Goddess Transmission ~ July 2017

Seventh Face: The Goddess of Love

I feel. I respond. I beautify.

The qualities of The Goddess of Love are beauty, harmony, relationship, unconditional love, presence in the moment, intimacy, vulnerability, fruitful harvest, openheartedness, sensual alchemy, gratitude, invitation, self-love, ripeness, sensory adept, and sensuality. Her shadow qualities include competitiveness, jealousy, comparison, sexual manipulation, issues of distortion in body image, focus on outer rather than inner beauty, obsessive emotions, insecurity, flattery, and self-absorption.

Her symbols include fruits, apples, sweet fragrances, rose, seashells, (especially conch), dawn and cornucopia. Her totem animals are the dove and swan and her elements are fire or water. Her sacred tool is the senses and her colour is pink. She is the scent of rose and apple and her herb is clove.

Her sacraments include almonds, apples, dates and chocolate. She loves apple and almond trees and myrtle. Her crystals are rose quartz, ruby zoisite, pink sapphire, rhodochrosite, and watermelon tourmaline. She loves pink roses, pink foxgloves, and pink hyacinth. Her sacred geometry is vesica pisces and she is the Full Moon. Her mudra is the temple mudra or the yoni mudra and her Mantra is Lil Lol Lil.

She is Aphrodite, Venus, Freya, Lakshmi, Ishtar, Sarasvati, Oshun, Radha, Astarte, Zochiquetzal, and Yamaya.

Her alchemical process is conjunctio.”This gate reveals an entrance into the Mystery which only openness of heart can penetrate. Through union, conjunctio, passing from the tongue of flame in-folded, into the crowned knot of fire ignited when the fire and the rose are one (Rosa Mystica).

(13 Moon Oracle by Ariel Spilsbury)


Here is Her Transmission for You.

Beloved, I come to you today with thoughts of sensuality and self-love.

Are you in love with your Self dear one?

Are you in love with you as much as I love you?

My love for you is deep and wide and strong

Are you able to match this love dear one?

For if you can you will be able to see you as I see you.

As a radiant, pure light.

You are radiant and you are pure love and light and I am deeply in love with you.

Can you feel my love beloved?

Can you feel my gaze upon your beauty and can you feel how proud I am of you?

For if you too can feel the way I feel about you and if you too can see you as I see you you too will fall deeply in love with you.

Come with me to the mirror sweet one and take some time to gaze at your own beauty.

Pause here.

Do you see what I see?

Do you see how you radiate and beam love and light from every pore and every cell in your body.

This is what I see.

I see you as pure light, as pure love and as pure joy and happiness.

I want this sight for you too dear one so please gaze here a little while longer. Gaze at your own beauty.

As you breathe in your beauty and savour just how exquisite you are do you also begin to feel a warmth in your heart and between your legs?

Do you feel a desire to offer your self pleasure like only you can give yourself?

If so, and if you dare sweet one feel free to stand naked before yourself and gaze at the fullness of your beauty.

Stand naked in front of the mirror and gaze and be amazed by your own beauty.

Do you see you as beautiful as I see you?

Touch your skin dear one and feel your own beauty and sensuality and softness.

Enjoy your body. Feel your body.

Your body is your temple. It is the throne and home of your love, your desire, your truth and so much more.

Your body deserves and needs your love and your attention.

Take time each day to admire you temple, to tend to your temple and to be in awe of its beauty.

For as you tend and care for it it will become stronger and it will give back in many ways.

It will become more vital and healthy and it will offer you its secrets of pleasure.

You are a wellspring of pleasure. You are a wellspring of untapped desire.

Only you hold the key to your love and desire dear one.

Only you are the keeper of your keys of desire and passion.

So, sweet beautiful one please stop hiding your desires and locking them away.

Please take out that key that holds all your secrets and open the door to your untapped desire and passion and sensuality and gift it to yourself.

Gift yourself your own love and attention and gift yourself your passion and love and from this unfolding and opening many gifts of love will arrive.

From my loving heart to yours,

The Goddess of Love



Art by Emily Balivet