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Goddess Transmission ~ June 2017

Goddess Transmission ~ June 2017

Sixth Face: The Muse

I play. I inspire.

The qualities of The Muse are imagination, playfulness, creativity, inspiration, beauty, fluidity, spontaneity, wonder, magic, humor and joy, mystical perception, jubilant merrymaker, surprise and freedom of expression.  Her shadow qualities include comparison, scattered creative focus, lack of discipline, flightiness, boredom, impatience, avoidance, and a non-completion that can be seen as irresponsibility.

Her symbols include honey, dawn, musical instruments, the harp, rainbows, fairies, elves, angels, flowers, wind, breath, dolphins, masks, mermaids, sylphs, sprites, nymphs and birds of all kinds.

Her elements is air and fire, her sacred tool is the wand, and her animal totem is the butterfly, hummingbird and dragonfly. Her colour is teal, aquamarine, and turquoise and her scent is spice, bergamot and vanilla. Her herb is saffron and star anise and her sacrament is honey cakes, champagne and champagne goblets.

Her myth is metamorphosis, her flowers are daisy, zinnia, and daffodils. Her crystals are aquamarine, turquoise, blue topaz and chrysocolla. She is the 11th day after the dark moon and her sacred geometry is a 2D triple triangle and a 3D tetrahedron. Her mudra is a triple triangle placed on ones public bone, third eye and then heart. Her Hindu mantra is Sat Cit Ananda.

She is Calliope, Urania, Fana, Thalia, Clio, Iris, Brigid, Saraswati, Rhiannon and Danu of Tuatha De Danann. Her alchemical process is sublimato, a slowing down and a cooling.

(13 Moon Oracle, Ariel Spilsbury)


Here is Her Transmission for you.

I am here Dear One to make you smile and laugh and to forget your cares and worries.

I am hear beloved to tickle your toes and to make you remember what it feels like to be light and free as you dance with the wind.

Dear One, do you remember what it feels like to laugh?

To laugh without a care in the world and to laugh as if no one cared.

Your laughter Dearest is the light and the spark that makes the stars shine at night.

Your laughter Dear One is medicine to your entire body and to the entire universe.

Your laughter Dear One is what make the divine glue that keeps us all together.

Your laughter is harmonizing.

Your laughter has the power to break all the binds that you imagine are keeping you down and keeping you safe.

Your laughter Dear One is the safest place you can be. For in the rhythem of your own laughter you are absolutely free.


So I ask you Dear One, will you come and laugh with me. Will you come and play with me!

Let us go running through fields of daisies and hold hands as we run and laugh and feel the wind kissing our cheeks.

Let us run through the woods and sing with the birds and let us swim with the dolphins and fly with the fairies.

Let us laugh. Let us laugh until there is no tomorrow and let us laugh our way through all the pain we think is real.

Let us eat honey cakes and let the honey drip down our fingers so we can lick it up like a child licks ice cream dripping down it’s hand on a warm summers day.

Let us gaze into each others eyes and let us see the brilliance and beauty we each possess and let us know by slowing down and feeling the wind upon our face we are free.

We are free to live and laugh and love all that we see, feel and touch and let us choose to love all.

For love is the freedom that will open you up to your Self.

So love deep and long and love all and share your laughter with the world and do not be afraid to play and find joy in all that you do.

For it is your joy and laughter and ability to see the light and love in all that will change the world.

So laugh Dear One, laugh and play and shake off any need to be serious.

Instead play.


Play. Love. Laugh

With my Deepest Love for You and your Laughter,

The Muse



Image by Josephine Wall