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Goddess Transmission ~ May 2017

Goddess Transmission ~ May 2017

Fifth Face: The Lady of Communion.

I intend. I empower.


The qualities of the Lady of Communion are intention, spiritual warriorship, impeccability, sovereignty, authentic presence, androgyny, integrity, discipline, self-empowerment, abundant, independent, resourceful, responsible, strong, practical, capable.

Her shadow qualities include issues with power/powerlessness, overzealousness, blame, unclear motivation/intention, perfectionism, over-achieving, over discipline, righteous indignation, and over protection.

Her symbols include the bow and arrow, the Archer’s target, the shield, trees, unicorns, pine cone and Pegasus. Her colour is emerald green and gold and her animal totem is dear, unicorn and horse. She is the scent of pine, balsam fir and silver fir and she is mint juniper and angelica. Her sacrament is pineapple and fresh mint and her element is the earth. Her sacred tools are the light shield/mandala and a crown or circlet. Her myth is the female spirit, forest androgyne and the nature mystic.

She is Artemis, Diana, Flora, Rhiannon, Bast, Lady of the Beast, Kore, Demeter, Brigit, Cordelia and the Green Man, the Oak King and the Stag King. She is white popular, emerald and jade and she is the sunflower, honeysuckle, gold marigold, violets and ivy. She is the 9th day after the dark moon and she is a cube in 3D, a square with a circle inscribed around it in 2D. He mantra is Narayana and San Kalpa and her alchemical process is Mortificatio. This is the dismemberment before the union of our both our male and female aspects. The Lady of Communion is intention and empowerment.

(13 Moon Oracle, Ariel Spilsbury)


Here is Her Transmission for you.

I am here beloved.

I am here to help you shine your golden light.

I am here so you can unite with your true Self and your true nature.

I am here so you can feel into and become your full power.

I am here to empower you.

I am here to open you up to the possibility of self-marriage and the unification of your masculine and feminine nature.

I am here beloved to show you the way home to your Self.


Beloved, have you been longing for true power? Not the power that is outside of you, but the power that resides within.

Have you been hoping to step more strongly into your own inner knowing and inner power so you may thrive?

Have you wished upon a star for your true nature to unfold so you may step forward and stand in your sovereign power?

Beloved, it is time you step fully into your power, into your own true nature and into your sovereign presence.

Now is the time to fully see yourself in the mirror; to look upon yourself with love and to embrace and see all aspects of yourself and not just the ones you think you should show the world for acceptance, but instead all of you.

Are you willing beloved to step fully into yourself and ignite that spark that is longing to burn bright?


If you are dear one, then I ask you to take up your bow and your arrow of light and allow your full intention of sovereignty and power to be infused within this arrow so that you can shoot your desire into the universe so it can be answered in full faith.

Once you have released this arrow of light in to the sky know and trust your desire to step into your sovereignty has been answered. Know that your desire to own your own truth has been heard. Know your desire to fully embrace all aspects of yourself have been received and now it is simply a matter of you receiving your true Self.


Now dear one, are you willing to accept all aspects of your masculinity into your body? Are you willing to come in unison with the sacred masculine and join in sacred marriage with him which is in truth the masculine aspect of you?

Are you willing to receive the full gifts the masculine has to offer you? Are you willing to fully accept yourself?

In this act of self love, dear one, you are creating the unification of your masculine and feminine aspects and you are stating that you are now ready, willing and able to love your full Self unconditionally, both your masculine traits and your feminine qualities and with this you are stating you are now ready to fully step into your full power as a sovereign warrior.


With your bow and light arrow and your shield you are now ready to move forward and you are now ready to call in all the aspects of yourself that may have left you or have hidden away for fear of not being protected, accepted or loved.

Fear not dear one, for as you fully claim your power and what is rightfully yours, you will find a new sense of calm within your warriorship and a new sense of regal-ness as you embrace and own your full Self and your sovereign presence.


In this process of unification from what once was dismemberment, you will bring together the two sides of yourself that until now may not have felt connected or cohesive.  Once you step into the frequency of emerald green and gold, into the forest of your own mind and heart and into the wisdom of deer and horse you will step into the sacred act of self-marriage. You will step onto the earth altar and bring together your full self in marriage to unify and expand.

This expansion and unification will enable you to become a true sovereign queen/king and it will enable you to rule over your own sovereign state with compassion, integrity, power and consciousness.

From this place of truth, you will always maintain your sovereignty, inner power and your integrity as you move forward in life.


I am here for you beloved as you open to embrace your full Self and rest in your sovereign presence.


In loving devotion,

The Lady of Communion


Image by Catherine La Rose