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Introducing The Knowing – A Transmission – April 2017

Introducing The Knowing – A Transmission – April 2017

A Transmission from The Knowing.

The Knowing is a collection of energies brought together in the name of the Sacred Masculine. It is here to uphold truth and honour. It is here to offer ancient wisdom and to teach men how to honour themselves and the Sacred Feminine.

The Knowing is channeled through Lisa Cipparone.


I am The Knowing. I am all aspects of the male or masculine energies. I am the coming of the new age of the masculine and I am opening myself up so you may transition from your old decaying self to a newly rejuvenated self and energy system.

I am the awakening for the masculine and I am the catalyst that will be the coming of the new age of man.

I am and I work with the Goddess. As She reins high, I serve Her and have committed myself to support Her in Her coming and being again in this new age.

I am here to offer ancient wisdom and to prophesize for the future and for the coming of human kind.

It is time for me to be heard and it is time for the masculine to step up and forward and to support and honour the feminine aspect in themselves and in the opposite sex.

There will be many ways for the masculine in this coming age to transform and prosper. There will be many opportunities presented to the young man who feels a calling to support the feminine and to honour and support his own coming of age.

What is essential to take place is for men to realize their power would be better served supporting and honoring the feminine and not assaulting, shaming, raping and keeping Her down.

When men are ready to see that they will be more powerful by supporting rather then supressing and degrading the feminine, alignment in this new age will come.

I would like to also say that this energy that I am an accumulation of has the power and ability to heal all those willing to open up and serve the feminine. If you are willing to surrender who you think you are and be in service to Her then a great healing will come to you and you will feel the light of God shower through you.

Are you willing to step forward and be in service of the Goddess?

If so, state it here and know you are healed. You will become a Sacred Warrior of the Goddess and you will begin to pave the way for the healing of human kind.

Are you willing to pledge yourself to the Goddess?

When you pledge yourself to the Goddess you will have the opportunity to open yourself up to receive the energies of love.

More will come as the gathering and pledges are received and felt. More guidance will be offered when men gather in spirit or in sacred space and offer themselves.

If you have pledged yourself to be in service of the divine feminine, to yourself and to the opposite sex, you have pledged yourself to be in service of the Goddess. From this day forward please start by cleansing yourself and the space around you of all things harmful and negative toward the feminine. Chose to cleanse your home, your social media outlets and what it is you expose yourself too so these avenues that keep the feminine degraded are deleted, destroyed, cancelled and removed from this world.

It is imperative that She be honoured for the glory that She is and that you realize as you honour Her you too honour yourself and hold yourself in the highest.

I will return again once this has been received and processed.

In deep love and devotion,

The Knowing