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Goddess Transmission ~ April 2017

Goddess Transmission ~ April 2017

Fourth Face: The Creator Destroyer

I focus. I create.

The qualities of Kali Ma include the power of creation and destruction, oneness, and non-duality. She is the liberation and the destroyer of illusions. She is tantra, transformation, assimilation, and creative chaos. She is a catalyst for your purification.

Her shadow qualities include victim thinking and not taking responsibility for the creation of your reality. Unresolved anger, rage, self-destructiveness, attachment, jealousy and revenge are also shadow qualities of this powerful Goddess.

Her symbols include skulls, blood, axes and knives. She is the cosmic dancer.  Her animal totems are the lion, eagle and the vulture. Her element is fire and earth. Her sacred tools include the crystal skull and a double-headed ax. Her sacraments are raspberries and blackberries. Her crystals are raw rubies, herkimer and diamonds. Her flower is the white lily and the red rose.

Her sacred geometry is a square with a circle around it and her mantra is Kaliyei Swaha!

She is the destroyer, creator and the preserver. She is Kali Ma, Pele, Cerridwen and Sekhmet.

(13 Moon Oracle, Ariel Spilsbury)


Here is Her Transmission for You.

I am here beloved. I am here to rip the pain from your heart so you may shine your light.

I am here beloved so you may see your own brilliance.

I am here to show you the illusion you have been living behind to hide your light.


Dearest one, I am here so you can come out of hiding and shine your light and allow it to burn bright.

Beloved, I am here to show you the dark veil you carry on you and over you to weigh you down.

I am here beloved not to terrify you but to drink the blood of the illusion that you to continue to swallow.


Beloved, I am the one who will drink the blood to assist in your own transformation.

I am the one you need to call upon when all you see is darkness and you have lost your way to your own light.

With the skulls around my neck I am showing you the illusion of death!

I am here to show you that the death of the parts of you that are already dead is an act of clearing away that which is no longer serving your highest good or purpose. These skulls and the blood are to show you the way home.


With the deepest and most unconditional love I am here to kill the demons within so you are no longer threatened and tortured and traumatized by that which does not exist!

I am here to show you how to dance and to release and to burn all that which is dimming your light and that which is denying your brilliance.

In this sacred death you shall be free to create that which you have come here to create.

You shall be free to create that which your soul is calling you to create, grow and foster.


Beloved, from this ending and creation also exists the preservation of your truest self and your essence.

As we dig up and dust off and peel away the layers of illusion and tear away all the self-destructive thoughts and feelings of self-loathing and self-hatred we are left to create.

We are left to create a new way of seeing ourselves and a new way of loving ourselves.

We are left with an opportunity to create and heal and to preserve.

We are left with an opportunity to preserve and grow and flourish.


In this preservation, your truth and essence will surface and finally be given the space and freedom to rise and to be set you free.

You will be given the space and freedom to Be and to be with your true nature.

To be with your true self without the illusion of that which you thought you were.

This illusion when offered up to me will be destroyed and consumed to feed the Mother and to replenish Her.

By agreeing to shed the skin of our own illusion you are creating an opportunity to become your true self and to step fully into your true power.


Dear one, will you take my hand and shed all that which is hiding your light.

Do you trust me to hold you as you burn away the flesh of your own despair and self-loathing?

Do you trust me beloved?

Do you trust that I love you with my entire being?


Beloved, are you willing to step into the fire and burn away all that is dimming your light? Are you willing to burn away the lies to see the truth?


If you are beloved, then take my hand and walk into the fire of truth with me so I may help you burn away the illusions you have created that have blinded you to your own greatness and truth.

Step with me into the fire.

Step with me into this alchemical process called Ruberdo so you can redden and burn away all the impurities that have poisoned your mind and your sight.

Take my hand beloved as you call up all those aspects of yourself that you are now ready to release into the fire.


Name them here.

Name them now!

Write them down and make a fire and burn them.

Burn them all in the flames of truth in the name of Kali Ma!

As you name the shadow qualities you are ready to alchemize and release chant my name so I may assist in your purification and cleansing.

So I may help you detoxify in the alchemical crucible of your own body.




(pronounced Kali eh swa ha)