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Goddess Transmission ~ March 2017

Goddess Transmission ~ March 2017

Third Face: The Priestess

I amplify in stillness.

The qualities of The Priestess include memory, devotion, silence, translating the divine, presencing beauty. She is the Keeper of the Keys, holder of the mirror and a diviner or oracle. She is the crossroads and signs, signals and your intuition. She is ceremony and she is the knowing that the inner world is more important then the outer world.

Her shadow qualities include becoming to detached, too lunar, too subjective, overly disciplined, escaping from your feelings, emotional fragility and perfectionism.

Her symbols include the chalice, keys, crescent moons, mirror, moonstone, blue stars, a crystal ball, pearls, apples, a seven pointed star and mermaids. Her animal totem is the owl. Her element is water and her colours are royal blue or sapphire blue. Her sacrament is blueberries and her crystal is moonstone. Her sacred geometry is a solar or celtic cross and her Mantra is Om Nama Shivaya.

She is the Lady of the Lake, Selene, Morgaine, Vest, Hestia and Mary Magdalen.

(13 Moon Oracle, Ariel Spilsbury)


Here is her Transmission for you.

I am the one that holds the Keys.

I am the one that contains the wisdom from which all seek.

I am the one who remains in silence.

If you are here today seeking answers from me for an issue that is weighing on you beloved wait no more.

For I am your mirror and the one who holds the wisdom to your query.

Beloved, what are you searching for?

Are you searching for wisdom that is already contained within your being?

Are you searching outwardly for answers that exist inside you?

Come closer beloved and look into my eyes.

Look into the seat of my soul to see your own reflection and to see your own wisdom.

Gaze upon me.

Take your time and look into my eyes.

Look long and slow.

Stay here for awhile to receive your full transmission.

As you gaze upon me in my blue robe and with a chalice in my hand listen to what is rising up within you?

What do you hear beloved?

Are you able to hear your own wisdom?

Are you able to hear how gifted you are?

You are my child and my angel of light.

You are my pure reflection and you are my light.

You too are the Keeper of the Keys and of Wisdom but perhaps your own doubt or questioning has blinded you from receiving and from your own knowing of who you truly are?

You are pure wisdom and you are pure love.

You are the light at the end of the tunnel and you are the oracle of the divine.

Can you feel your wisdom yet beloved?

Can you feel how deep your listening can go if you only slow down and empty into your own silence.

As you empty into your own stillness and silence you are able to amplify your listening to hear the truth within.

As you awaken to a deeper listening all the answers to all the questions you have every had and will have again are there in your own existence and emptiness.

As you hone your skill to listen deeply your wisdom and knowledge will widen and your ability to know will grow and flourish.

Can you trust in your own knowing beloved?

Can you trust in your own ability to hear?

Can you trust in me and you and Her and know that you too are the Keeper of the Keys?

Can you pause and be in silence with me and settle into your own knowing and acknowledge the depth of your own vastness?

As you rest, pause and gaze inward in silence beloved, can you amplify and listen and trust and know you are the oracle?

You are a pure mirror for the divine and you are me as I live inside of you.

You are The Priestess Initiate waiting to be received in pure love and light and you are the Goddess in all her faces.

Rest in me beloved as I rest in you waiting to be seen.

With my deepest love and gratitude,

The Priestess


Artist: Cheryl Yambrach Rose, Sovereignty