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Goddess Transmission ~ February 2017

Goddess Transmission ~ February 2017

Second Face: The Goddess of Compassion

I recognize, I seed.

The qualities of the Goddess of Compassion include: compassion, mercy, unconditional love, forgiveness, adoration of the Divine and non-attachment.

The shadow qualities of the Goddess of Compassion include: suffering rescuer syndrome, non-self-care, inadvertently fostering co-dependency, misperception about what compassion is, unhealed wounded child, not being able to say no, especially in an attempt to get love.

Her symbols include the lotus flower and the violet flame. Her element is fire, her sacred tools are mantra, yantra, mudra and sound (Om Mani Padma Hum). Her colour is violet, Her scent is lavender and Her sacrament is lotus root or lavender, peppermint candies. Her myth is that of Divine Perfect Love, Her crystal is amethyst and Her sacred geometry is an upward pointed triangle in a circle.

She is Kwan Yin, Tara, and Mary. Her alchemical process is solve et coagula. This is the breaking down, purifying; it is to synthesize and re-form.

(13 Moon Oracle by Ariel Spilsbury)


Here is Her Transmission for You.

Beloved, I love you like water loves rain.

I love you like the wind loves the sea. As the wind increases Her thrust she caresses and touches the ocean waters as they lick and drink her up.

Beloved, as I love you to the depths of my own being and into the vastness of the cosmos do you love you also?

Can you love you as I love you?

Are you able to see your own perfection or are you shrouded by your own shadow.

Love, as I gaze upon your face I see only beauty. I see you only as pure luminous light.

I see you as you see and embrace the rising sun.

To me you are perfect in every way and you are pure beauty and love.

Can you see this too beloved?

Are you able to forgive yourself and others who may have scorned or hurt you in your past?

Are you able to open to the freedom of your own love of yourself and others?

Are you able to love unconditionally beloved or do you hold back your love with conditions?

Dear One, I ask you, in this moment, and in the fire of my love to release all conditions to your love and free yourself from restrictions and ties that bind you.

I ask that you trust in my love and my knowing of you and my wisdom of the depth of your own heart and to trust and open and offer your love freely and in this offering and trusting and giving of all that is you, you too will receive the trust and wisdom and the depth of others and in that expansiveness, freedom will be yours.

Love freely and give love freely beloved and open your compassionate heart to melt the hearts of others you see before you. For from your compassionate gaze and your free divine perfect love, you will have the power and grace to melt the hearts of all you gaze upon.

Trust in your own knowing and open to freely give your love unconditionally to others.

It is with a full heart that I give my love to you freely and unconditionally.

With the sweetest of love for you.

The Goddess of Compassion ~ Kwan Yin


Artist: Unknown