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Painting by Pamela Matthews

Goddess Transmission ~ January 2017

First Face: The Great Mother

I surrender. I receive.

The qualities of the Great Mother include: emptiness, nurturance, receptivity, surrender, empty presence, renewal, adoration, offering, caring, sanctuary, embrace, inclusion, self-nurturance and mid-wife.

Her shadow aspects include: self-absorption, issues of safety, neediness, addictions to avoid emptiness, abandonment, overcare-taking, co-dependency due to underlying issues of self-value, self-worth, issues with food and nourishment, issues of scarcity, limitation and “not enoughness”.

Her symbols include the spiral and cauldron. Her animal totem is the whale or turtle. Her element is earth and cosmic waters and her colour is burgundy or blood red. Her sacrament is wine and exotic fruits; her myth is the Eternal Return. Her flower is a red rose and her crystal is garnet, bloodstone or raw ruby. Her sacred geometry is the spiral and her mantra is Hrim, Sukra Rakta or Yab-Yum.

She is Shakti, Gaia, Black Madonna, Bhuvaneshwari, Mary, Pachamama and Mary Magdalene. Her alchemical process is nigredo: (earth) clearing the dark masses of wounding in the emotional body.

(13 Moon Oracle by Ariel Spilsbury)


Here is Her Transmission to You.

I am the Great Mother.

I am the One who lives deep in the earth and deep within you.
I am the blood that pours through your body and I am the heart at your centre.

I have come to ask you to reach in deeply and to begin to love yourself like I love you.
I love you sweetly and hard.
I love you long and deeply and my love for you is endless.
There is nothing you can do to make me love you and there is nothing you can do to make me not love you.

I just love you.
Sweet and simply and completely.
I love you for you longing.
I love you for your uncertainty and for your deep reverence to nature and all things feminine.

I love you for deciding to return to me and in essence to you.
I love you for your tithing and care for others and I love you for your creativity and soulful offering to make the world a richer and better place.

Oh but I also love you for you rage and your anger.
I also love you for all the disagreement and fight you have within.
I love you for trying so hard and I love you for making your point.
But really beyond all that and the not mentioned other I just love you truly and completely.

There is nothing you can do to make me not love you for I simply love you for all that you are and all that you think you are not but you are.
You are whole and complete and perfect and absolute.
You are pure essence and you are love streaming.
Every word you speak is love, every bit of food you eat or drink is love.
It is all love.

Your skin, hair, teeth and tongue, they are all love.
They have been made from love and they are love.
The air you breath in is love and the sweet taste of chocolate is love.
Even the bitterness of heartbreak and strife is love.
Love is the underlying force behind everything and it is who you are.

You are pure love and I love you.
There is nothing you can do to make me not love you.

Rest into me and breathe in my love you.

The Great Mother


Painting by Pamela Matthews